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    I have just experienced a fire evac in a Hilton extended stay property in America. To say it wasnt good enough was an understatement.

    They had one staff on duty who was behind reception. She was on the telephone when I reached ground level with no coordination. I was first out and stood outside the property. The other guests followed slowly and all the flashing lights arrived. Even when the fire crew got dressed outside the hotel and entered the property there were a number of people standing and even sitting inside the property in the lobby. I was shocked at this and even had people going in and out of the entrance/lobby door when the fire crew where entering. Thankfully this was just burnt food so we got the all clear and got instructed from outside it was safe to return in but the alarm was still sounding.
    It was complete confusion in the Lobby at this point I asked why all these people were still in the Lobby and had not evacuated. It wasn’t a suitable response. Nor did she know it was ok to go back to the room.

    Heading back up the stairs to the top floor I met an elderly gent who after 30 minutes with family had just reached the top stair.

    I haven’t experienced an evac in a long stay property before but was surprised at no organisation. I feel this should be followed up with management tomorrow. The only positive I can say is the alarm was not only the loudest but the most visible with flashing lights in each room I have ever seen in a property.


    Which property?


    Having been in a fire which took the lives of 56 people, I probably take fire evac a little more seriously than most.

    This does not sound good, but most people do not react with urgency when they hear a fire alarm, whereas the safe response is to drop everything and get out.

    Smoke is the real killer – get out before it gets you, always know the evacuation route and be prepared to use it on your hands and knees, if necessary. Keep a flashlight by your bed.


    FDOS_UK – fully agree.

    I was once in a hotel in France that had a fire on the second floor.
    Despite getting up and leaving my room as soon as the alarm went off I was quickly surrounded by smoke and had to fight my way to the exit by feeling along the corridor. Since that day I have always counted the steps from my room door to the exit as soon as I arrive in a new hotel.
    I keep a small bag next to the bed with my phone, passport and wallet in it ready to be grabbed immediately.


    Seasonedtraveller – I on purpose didn’t identify the exact place because it doesn’t necessary reflect on the overall property and also it was more to highlight the differences that i noted in a home stay/long stay environment opposed to a hotel where more staff may be present.
    The brand though is Hilton Homewood Suites and its on the east coast.

    I have stayed at the property every year on extended business trips for the past 7 or so years so the fact i come back each time means something.
    I think the other main issue to highlight was the other people who were very casual about the whole process…You are right FDOS_UK about the lack of urgency.

    I should add that i brought it up with management this morning and they themselves did a review last night and have brought the concerns i mentioned on board.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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