Finnair – do not believe the easy route to Asia

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  • ProDRfCope

    Twice in three years they have lost my wife’s checked baggage on the return inbound flights – despite us booking later flights from HEL to LHR to allow for that.

    Helsinki Vantaa is like a third world airport – you’re bussed around – no jetwalks. You get no advantage from booking business – I warn you.

    And they have put up their fares to Asia massively – here’s what I advise – forget about ever flying via Helsinki – a rather 2nd rate airport in a miniscule country on the perimeter of Europe.

    Go KAL from LHR via Seoul – much better – and you can go from Incheon the day you arrive – to most places in Asia.



    Your comments are just nasty.


    A bit OTT on the Russia comment,

    I have flown to HKG on AY via HEL many times, yes they have delayed my baggage twice, but that was in HKG, not HEL. Also I would say only about 30% of the time I have been bussed at the airport, less than many other airports. As for no advantage to fly business, I really do not understand that statement. you get a business class seat, lay flat seat, usual J services on board, you get to use the lounge. what else do you expect?

    Kinda reminds me of a french guy in front of me at BHX last week who was cursing what kind of 3rd world country airport is this as he had to use 5 flights of steps to get to the Jet Bridge onto our AF flight (there was a lift available) the irony was that at CDG to get on my connecting flight we had to use steps and a 15 minute bus ride out to the plane.


    I really do not think your comments are appropriate for this forum. They are not based on any fact and you are simply using the forum as a method to vent your anger.


    Wow. Did someone slip you some decaf this morning? Or perhaps not enough bran.

    But your comments re: the Finns and Russians is just not cricket for this forum.

    I’ve flown Finnair plenty of times, and will be doing so again next week. I like their product, their service and for me, they have never lost my bag…in fact, they made a 22 min transfer at HEL when we were delayed ex-BKK due to severe rain. Vantaa is far from third world. Have you been to remote airports in Africa, Asia and Russia just for starters?

    By all means, vote with your feet and enjoy the KE service. How is their safety record these days?


    Why is the original post being edited by someone else (other than BT)?

    Tom Otley

    If you mean me, I am BT (well, someone who works here).

    I’m not sure how GivingupBA edited it (they aren’t anything to do with us) but I will investigate

    Tom Otley

    This reply has been reported for inappropriate content.

    Maybe it means they reported it as inappropriate?

    No, it wasn’t that. Hopefully it’s not a problem with the log in getting confused.


    I did some work for Finnair in Helsinki some years ago. They are creative, efficient, hardworking, and smart. Also incredibly hospitable and generous hosts. I flew on them a fair amount and had no cause for complaint.

    Finland has had a tough history at the hands of the Russians, and the remarks in the first posting were despicable. I am glad to see they have been removed.


    Hello Tom, I did not edit the topic or original post, or attempt to do that. And of course I cannot do that. However, I did report the first post as ‘inappropriate’ by clicking on the relevant button.

    Tom Otley

    Thank you. It’s a bug then. Will sort it.


    Hmmm, odd. I’ve not encountered a lack of air stairs at HEL and its description as a third world airport certainly does not square with a recent trip through there en route to/from Tallinn. Relatively easy to get around, pleasant lounges and decent nosh. One self-imposed piece of aggro was leaving an outer jacket behind in the AY lounge – but they despatched that upon payment of the requisite fee.

    What seriously impressed was their approach to de-icing: not at the stand but immediately before entry to the runway to ensure the maximum efficiency and efficacy. All told, a far from accurate description methinks.


    My own experiences of Finnair don’t match OP’s (but see caveat below). HEL is small, well-equipped with restaurants, seating, power outlets and so forth. So far as I can recall I have never had to use stairs and have always had an airbridge on both regional and long-haul flights. Senior Offspring regularly flies LH on AY to her UK university and LOVES Finnair, especially the airport itself which makes transfers very easy – as she put it recently, even on a very short layover she can get through security (which is normally on arrival for transfer flights), go to a restaurant to have a meal, and go to the Priority Pass lounge for a shower, and connect, all within an hour.

    This is not to say that I have had NO problems with Finnair. I am still fighting with them for compensation for a major delay to a flight by Junior Offspring (they are alleging unforeseeable technical problems due to using a new airframe), and on one occasion – well, that’s a long story and since they have upgraded all their aircraft, no longer relevant.

    it is true that their Asia fares have risen significantly in business class – presumably, a reflection of their success in breaking into that market. That’s capitalism and the free market for you. OP has the choice to fly any other airline that offers him better value and reliability. Suggestions, anyone???


    I have to say I completely disagree with the OP.
    Helsinki is a small airport but well run and comfortable. Transfers are easy with minimum fuss and the lounges are good.
    The comment about there being no advantage to flying business due to the busses does not match my experience where business passengers travel in a different bus which leaves first.
    The routes are ideal for Asian trips and the new A350 is a great plane.


    I flew Finnair return to Beijing last month. I was bussed each time to the aircraft, save for the London departure. It seems to be the case that a large number of air bridges are unavailable whilst substantial extensions to the terminal are built.

    That said it was but a mild inconvenience and certainly not worthy of a complaint on this forum (which is why I didn’t make one).

    Indeed, what I nearly did report (but forgot, so will now) was that the flights themselves were excellent, particularly the A350 long haul sectors. Food and service were impeccable- indeed I would go as far as to say one of the best long haul business classes I have travelled in. And the price was 35% less than BA direct.

    The Helsinki terminal is busy but pleasant. The business lounge outbound was very full on arrival but emptied quickly after three Asian flights boarded.

    So I’m afraid I don’t recognise the issues raised by the OP, save for the lack of airbridges- which didn’t bother me. And I will definitely do it again.

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