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  • DNAdams

    May I ask the forum if anyone knows if BA give out fast track invites on arrival at BKK for CW pax or can one just show their ticket on arrival.
    Any advice on this will be appreciated so I don’t miss out.
    Thank you


    My understanding is BA do what Cathay does and that is handing out Premium Lane looking boarding passes. I am sure frequent BA travelers will be more specific. I have stored my Premium Lane passes if I see the normal channels are not busy.


    Not flown into BKK with BA, but did last month with Bangkok Airways in Y, pleased to see that Fast Track immigration channels were open to pax over 70 years of age, which I had just reached, saved a lot of time, the ordinary Qs looked horrendous.


    I have a healthy stock of BKK Fast Track passes for use when travelling economy in the region. These are mainly stamped BA or CX. However, the last time I tried to use one of my stock, I was asked for my boarding card at Fast Track. As I was not travelling on either airline at the time, I was turned away.. First time this has happened…


    I flew CW into Bangkok with BA just under three weeks ago and was given a fast track invitation on board. However BKK is pretty quiet at that time of the morning (assuming your flight lands at around 09.30 as ours did)


    well now you can go through the Fast Track for over 70’s Martyn??

    Chris in Makati

    The Premium Lane passes I’ve had have always been endorsed for a specific flight on a specific day. I’m not sure how you could save them for use at another time.





    The FAST TRACK section intended for a Premium traveller with a card. While most of the people in this section (about 30 metres from the main hall) are indeed Premium passengers, the following are also allowed
    1. Premium passengers with a valid Fast track card form the flight coming in on. Martyn is quite correct that only recently have they started to check the validity of the card.
    2. PWD – persons with disabilities
    3. Over 70’s (no proof required although the passport will confirm this)
    4. Wheelchair passengers
    5. Families with Children (sometimes these are very large and have >10 in the group). You can guess the nationalities in this category
    There is also a separate section for non-Premium passengers with 1-4 lanes open in the main immigration hall. Very often people with Fast track cards go into these lanes, yet that are never sent to the correct section. Even mentioning this situation to immigration officials nothing is done.
    I expect this will be a discussion point at the Bangkok Dinner in Bangkok this evening.


    My experience is that not all Airlines provide a Premium card
    1. TG do not normally hand-out a card unless you request one. Where they do offer it, (especially from the UK and the USA) I have seen TG give a card to Thai nationals and ignore Farangs (non-Thais).
    2. CX always do and even provide to Diamond, Gold and One World Emerald cardholders if traveling economy
    3. QR always
    4. Etihad only on request even for UAE nationals.
    5. Emirates always
    I am sure other forum members can advise of their own experiences.


    I think I have said this before and worth repeating, I recall someone telling me about a programme on UKTV relating to the airport in Bangkok being the airport of smiles!! Well all I have ever done in the airport is grimace, it is by far the worst immigration and airport terminal in the whole of Asia, and I even now include Jakarta because they have tried really hard to smarten things up

    This week arrived after the European flights from Russia, Spain and one other immigration like a zoo queues meandering and going nowhere, people not knowing how to fill in the forms and then to top it off, the slowest immigration officers ever (this is probably due to systems to be fair) all of which means coming in and now leaving BKK is horrible and spoils the whole trip for me….

    I didnt see anyone smile the whole 45 mins I stood in the queue, and believe me I had no “preferential treatment” not quite 70 albeit feel like it sometimes, and not in a premium cabin. I have a couple of vouchers that Martyn gave me but they are now useless so have to queue with the great unwashed …

    When oh when are the UK Government going to wake up to APEC so I can get a card and be done with the queues, every other nationality almost except UK passport holders …….


    Couple of things to add / clarify:

    – TG have not issued Premium Lane cards upon landing for several years now. Upon landing, you have to proceed to the normal passport control hall (at least the one closest to A, B and C gates where most of TG flights arrive at) and then find the small channel reserved for TG F, J and premium FFs (towards the left side). To gain entry, you have to show your TG boarding pass.
    – For departures, TG has its own fast track channel just after the A check in desks.
    – To answer Chris in Makati, the Premium Lane cards are indeed typically filled out with passenger details upon departures by the check in agent, whilst they are typically handed out “blank” for arrivals (this is usually done by the in flight crew). I have often “marked up” previously unused departing Premium Lane cards (see next bullet) and to date no immigration officer has refused to accept it.
    – There are two ways to building up a stack of Premium Lane cards: 1. Do not use them is you see the normal immigration queue is short (both in the case of arrivals as well as departures). 2. When departing, you show your Premium Lane card to the officer manning entry to the Premium Lane channel, to gain access. After you have finished scanning your bags, you “forget” to give the Premium Lane card to the immigration officer alongside your passport and boarding pass. 4 out of 5 times the immigration officer will not ask you for the PL card, since you are deemed to have already been pre-cleared to enter the area. PL card saved for the next time.
    – In the last 3-6 months, immigration officers at arrival have indeed been checking PL card issuance agai st the arriving airline and refusing entry in the case of a mismatch.
    – I have found OW airlines to be more generous in handing out PL cards to their Emeralds, especially for departing passengers, compared to *A.
    – For disclosure, I travel into and out of BKK on a mix of economy and premium tickets, so this little topic is of particular value to me, since the normal immigration queues at some times of the day can be horrendous and easily one hour of waiting time.
    Safe travels!

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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