Ever stolen something from an aircraft?

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  • rferguson

    OK, i’ll be the first to admit it….i’m guilty! After seeing the Saudia J class lounge in JED I had a sofa selected for my nine hour transit on the return journey and all I needed was a pillow (I always carry my own light blanket). Hmmm…..where could I find one of them? Upon landing in JED I shoved my J class pillow in my bag and off I went.

    I read an interesting article today about theft from aircraft by passengers, primarily of bedding products. Airlines are upping the ante in the amenity department with more and more luxurious duvets, pillows etc. As a result more and more are walking off aircraft.

    I was interested to read that flight attendants would likely turn a blind eye to this. Mmmmm no. Well….maybe. If it was someone disembarking at LHR (our home base) and had their little kiddy wrapped in an economy blanket it’s one thing. Walking off gung ho with a Business Class pillow tucked under your arm is another. Especially in the case of the aircraft being downroute. Pillows are not changed over away from base, only the covers are changed. So if someone walks off with one, that’s one passenger that will not have one on the return if the flights is full.

    I know ‘collectables’ aren’t limited to bedding – crockery, cutlery. Virgin Atlantic cheekily printed ‘stolen from Virgin Atlantic’ on the bottom of their Salt and Pepper grinders they’d become so desirable. I’ve even seen people take rolls of toilet paper from the bathrooms and shove it in their cabin baggage before.

    Airline Upgrades Lead to a Purloined Pillow Problem


    I will admit to there being 5 x Crabtree & Evelyn Concorde eau de toilette bottles taking pride of place in my bathroom cabinet (not all from the same trip!)


    Years ago BA used to have cashmere throws in F, and I think my wife may have forgotten to remove them from around her shoulders on disembarking on a number of occasions. They are made of acrylic now (enhancement?) or somesuch equivalent, and she has become a reformed character, always leaving them on board.


    Slightly taking the topic sideways, I hate checking out of hotels and being asked to wait while Housekeeping ascertains that I have not removed the TV and the bath!! Most recently (on Saturday), I had to wait 15 minutes while this took place – maybe I look dishonest?

    So lets apply this to aircraft. If airlines fitted centrally controlled seat-belts and passengers could not release their own belts after landing, cabin crew could then release each traveller individually, having verified that nothing has been purloined……. Disembarking an A380 might then take, what, 3 hours?


    Happened to me in Beijing Tom.

    Forget the name of the hotel, but I checked out normally and went to stand outside whilst waiting for my colleague to pick me up.

    A minute or so later a guy came running out of the hotel shreieking at me in Mandarin, which I neither speak nor understand. He ushered me back into the lobby where I learnt that I had not paid for the sachet of Nescafé that was on the tray next to the cups and kettle in my bedroom! Fortunately, I don’t have sugar in my coffee and so the balance was only about the equivalent of 60pence!


    Great question!!

    For me, it’s more applicable to ask what I haven’t removed from an aircraft after a flight (seat excepted).

    I have a stash of metal cutlery from most airlines I’ve flown (teaspoons are my favourite). I’ve never taken a pillow or blanket purely due to lack of space in my carry on, but often been tempted. When I was young I did collect safety cards – which may have been rather selfish in hindsight. I do have a nice linen headrest with the Aegean logo on it, on my bedroom armchair. I also have a lovely MEA branded coffee mug.

    Previously, when I travelled far less frequently, such collectables had more meaning to me. Nowdays, the less carry-on/off luggage the better.


    A minute or so later a guy came running out of the hotel shreieking at me in Mandarin, which I neither speak nor understand. He ushered me back into the lobby where I learnt that I had not paid for the sachet of Nescafé that was on the tray next to the cups and kettle in my bedroom!

    Oh dear. I always assumed those were free!


    Oh dear. I always assumed those were free![/quote]

    I assume you mean “included in the room price !!”


    Yes I like to have a souvenir Tea spoon from each new airline like another respondent. I have also when undertaking a long car trip requiring a snooze en-route taken a pillow & blanket. I also have a nice Virgin mug & of course a S&P set [as they do invite this particular one as another respondent said!] And the BA business creams on occasion. I also use the BA / Virgin pyjamas all the time!


    The thing about acquiring souvenirs to remind you of your travels is all a bit muted nowadays……
    I’m sure the MEA coffee mug is a sight to behold, alas most crockery and cutlery are now blanded up , with no corporate identity !!

    I do have a pair of CW headphones that were gifted to me, by the cabin crew — Very nice indeed and still use them when flying Y with other carriers.
    However, having spotted CX’s high tech ones when walking through the cabin, I feel a bit cheated : )


    I have taken 99 year leases on several branded blankets to sit alongside my amenity bag collection. and i think i was the one responsible for EK removing the vaporisers and tops from their on-board Bulgari as i have sampled a few. Not had to buy and Bulgari Man soir for about 5 years! other than that nothing else.

    now you all talking T spoons………I am staring at my AY spoon while sat in J, it may go walkies


    Why would wish to steal some nasty low quality airline stuff, when it is possible to purchase good quality items, for a reasonable price?


    I’ve been putting some thought to this, and recalling airline stuff I’ve had in my drawers over years, added to that menagerie of airline collectables that I discovered in my family home back in Vancouver when I had to clear it after my mum died…..….

    She had a superb collection of soaps – presumably stolen
    Some cutlery –again from different airlines –definitely stolen
    Bizarrely an AC steel tea pot and large serving spoons – know idea ???

    Add in some CP stuff, (my father’s company) and my collection of timetables, models and other freebies there was enough for me to suggest to my sister that she auction it all on eBay’s airline memorabilia site .

    And isn’t it funny how the airlines really have Scrooged up on giveaways…….So back to my drawers !

    I’ve found a couple of packs of CP Air playing cards, along with JAL, KLM and rare Qantas round ones.
    Some plastic AC DC9’s, 8;s and & 747’s – plus various badges including BOAC and Pan Am ones
    Various stationery items , primarily postcards along with branded pens.

    Apart from amenity kits, and occasional slippers you’ll get squat all —Ask for a pen on board today and you’ll be directed to the shop leaflet!!


    Flying ANA Business between London and Tokyo, I was offered pyjamas – unlike the Virgin sleeper suit, the top was a real pyjama top with buttons. I had no intention of taking them, but was politely (of course it’s a Japanese airline) reminded that these must be returned at the end of the flight. The same cabin crew member returned to collect them prior to landing.
    I can only imagine that there is some huge laundry somewhere in Tokyo that deals with thousands of ANA pyjamas each week.


    Yes, but limited to toothbrush and paste, flannels and the occasional serviette. The latter by accident of course!
    I also have a whole collection of airline ashtrays which they used to provide in First and a few small plates which I find handy for putting nuts in.
    Mrs. LP has been known to purloin the odd blanket or two but that’s about it.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 38 total)
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