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    Chinese airlines reject ETS, and so do US airlines.

    I think the airlines und governments rejecting the ETS are right.
    ETS does not improve any pollution or emission situation but is just a means of generating taxes from the travelling public, e.g., look at Lufthansa that have announced to charge the ETX to their ticket prices.

    Generally, there ALWAYS were climate changes, the hoax about “manmade” climate changes is just another way of governments and eco-mind-terrorists to influence people and get more taxes.
    So I don’t believe (and hope), ETS will prevail for long.


    Indeed, climate change is real but it is not man made; that is just a massive scam. It all comes down to solar activity – the sun.

    We have got to start voting to free ourselves from the nightmare EU superstate.


    Eurex have announced trading will start in the EU Aviation Allowance from end April.

    for those who may be interested in learning more.

    Caveat. You may have seen adverts or had calls from people trying to get you into the carbon trading market. Beware, it is a tricky market and their fees are high. It’s unlikely you will make any money with them. This market has continued to fall as highlighted by this article in the FT.

    If you really want to trade this market (as I do) then look for a broker with a good reputation.


    As I mentioned in an earlier thread………global warming is a real threat to our children and more importantly our chidrens childrens future !! The carbon trading market is a repulsive attempt to make money out of companies and individuals who suffer from guilt about the percieved threat of global warming….

    I am not a scientist…what i do know is this…. whilst these markets are trading and making profits we are in danger of becoming complacent to the real threat to the planet …which is the continual and relentless de-forestation…it’s akin to cigarette smoki tarring up our lungs till we eventually stop breathing….

    What totally angers me is our government picking on the aviation industry as the primary reason for global warming…as i stated earlier.. not so…the whole of the worlds public transport carbon emissions account for less than 17%

    Our own aviation industries contribuition is negligible to the bigger picture….And my pet hate…How much of these emissions happen at LHR on a daily basis from the lines of planes waiting to take off..

    We need a 3rd runway!!!

    Our western governments are just opportunistic tax raising thieves…and APD is about as insidious as it gets …if George can proof a transference of this tax to a bona fida scheme to stop deforestation , or even demonstrate real public investment in our railways (the exact opposite is actually the case) to drive up demand on cheape rmore reliable services then i would be a happy easter bunny.


    Not just aircraft waiting to t/o, but those aircraft circling for up to an hour because thanks to good winds they’ve arrived before landings are permitted at 6 am. Those aircraft should be allowed to land!


    Yes forgot about circling…

    And in fact it can’t be a noise issue—landing on the northern runway from the west, i cant remember a major built up residential area on finals?

    Or sitting at the end of another runway somewhere in the UK waiting for ATC clearance to minimalise going around in circles above the south east !

    Or the amount of times at LHR when one of the runways becomes non-operational –allowing Captain Chaos to swoop down with his merry song of woe!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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