Etihad's "increased value and flexibility based on customer feedback"

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  • alainboy56

    I echo the testaments here from many Forum members. Having been one of the early first members of EY Guest FFP, I rose quickly to GOLD and stayed for many years, but as said by others, their services have gone down badly, their terminal is a joke and their Marketing Dept are also liers. Because, as I started to use them less and less, and switched my allegiance to QR, they tried to entice me to stay a GOLD member by spending x amount on my/their branded credit card. As I was having a holiday within the period specified, it was actually not much of a struggle to reach the prescribed spending limit. Unfortunately I deleted the aforementioned email, and forgot about it, until they demoted me to SILVER 3 or 4 months later. I then sent many emails about their offer, which they completely denied ever sending. Therefore, I have not flown EY since, even though it is my home town airline. I have also been vociferous in my criticisms of James Hogan, as everything he has done has been a bad decision and indeed, within 48 hrs ie 01/07, he is gone! I wrote an open letter to him about his involvement with AZ, but alas, he knew better and look at that mess today, and with how many billions spent and swallowed up! AB are also losing 100’s of millions yearly.
    The new colours and tail insignia is ‘cheap and worthless’, nothing like the rather grand tail logo previously. They had spent 10 years building up a very well respected, and deserved reputation, and in less than 3 years Hogan completely wrecked it.

    Yes EY is now in a big mess, and something else that I have hinted at here many times, is that EY and EK are the same owners, though it will never be admitted, and EK have been in problems for much longer, therefore the financial drain on EY has become critical, so now the cutbacks are very noticeable and very real


    I have also been considering the thousands of drivers Worldwide, who will, or are losing their jobs.
    First and Business Class get met at each side of the journey, so take a large 777 or A380 service, I am told their could be 20-40 cars meeting or dropping off passengers.

    No doubt, Etihad will be reducing their fares for the cost of cars to and from their flights, that we shall have to pay?!
    In London, this starts from £100, and up according to the distances.
    The benefit on a trip to Australia, with a stopover, is 8 cars, and around £600.
    Quite an unacceptable amount to remove from their already high Business and First Class fares, as well as Guest Members.


    Living in Edinburgh, I have flown with each of the ME3 over the last couple of years on frequent trips to Australia in both F and J (except for Qatar, where F was not available on my sectors), and, despite having to go to Glasgow, I have found Emirates to be the best of the three. Qatar is OK (but still a lot better than BA), Etihad in flight service is very good, but ground service poor (especially in Abu Dhabi & Melbourne), and Emirates generally excellent. The chauffeur service is something that I value very highly, and, almost for that reason alone, I shall continue to use Emirates.


    EY and AZ. I said it would end in tears and it seems it has.
    Talk in Lugano is Etihad will pull out leaving Darwin as it was in a precarious position. Oh how Swiss must be rubbing their hands.

    Despite higher fares LX/LH have kept their customers and loyalty, not to mention remaining profitable in spite of higher fuel costs, and if EY closes down which of the ME3 will be next?

    Time will tell!


    Have just had to change the return date of EY flights LHR – SYD, originally booked in May. Because this has resulted in the tickets being reissued post 3.7.17, I’ve seemingly lost all rights to the complimentary chauffeur on all sectors. Has anyone experienced this and had any joy at challenging the same?

    Tom Otley

    Some more changes to the programme

    Etihad makes changes to Etihad Guest loyalty programme

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)
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