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    Tom Otley

    Lots coming out on this from Abu Dhabi – we have the news story here

    but also there are Youtube views of the 787-9



    The first link doesn’t work?

    Looks really great though.



    I had the same problem with the link.

    I think this is what you’re referring too. Fabulous. I wonder if you’re allowed to invite guests from other cabins to join you seeing how there are effectively two seats in each suite.

    Wonderful opportunity for many more (relatively speaking) to join the Mile High Club 😉


    Tom Otley

    Sorry – I’ve no idea why the story had disappeared and the link doesn’t work. Hopefully will fix itself soon

    works for me on the Asia site!

    I think it’s a caching issue (as in, it works, but not if your browser takes you through to an old link)




    What an incredible inflight experience 1st will be especially on long haul booked into the a Residence.



    Those links don’t work either Tom. The ones that do work seem to have some numbers in as well which are missing from yours

    Must say the business class studio looks really great. Direct aisle access (which is a must these days), good privacy etc. May well be worth a try when connecting via Abu Dhabi..



    Golly gosh, far too blingy and not understated elegance like British Airways Club World, a proven product from an innovative company, that has direct aisle access for all seats, when people are not selfishly using the bed option.

    The first class seat is far too enclosed and lacks the faded elegance of British Airway’s Old First or the open feeling when sitting in the brilliant New First, with the innovative electronic blinds.

    Of course, British Airways offers much better food and service than Etihad, too, with the nice game of ‘surprises’ over whether your meal option is available, that passes the time so nicely on longer sectors.

    Now, where can I have a look at these new seats?



    Even in seat mode, there is no direct aisle access for non-bulkhead window seats in Club, you have to go into someone else’s space.

    As for Etihad bing too bliingy and not understated, it’s not blingy at all, it’s subtle, fresh, elegent, and not tacky like BA’s Club.

    This new version of Etihad’s business and first looks to be fantastic and I can’t wait to try it, it even looks better than Singapore’s first suites



    Thanks SM, your post has given me good reason to snigger whilst waiting for the Yorkshires to cook.

    Gravy to be served from a jug that has a certain “faded elegance”, by which I mean it has seen better days.



    The Residence is clearly now the ultimate seat in the sky.


    Tom Otley

    Here’s another way of gettng to the story

    I’ve just received the official photos so will post a link to those on our Flickr account in a few minutes



    esselle – take a closer look at the poster’s name……



    I have not seen the video, but talking to a friend at EY….this looks like a game changer across all cabins…..

    Im EK Gold but I am going to change across to EY once the A380 and 787 fleet starts building up…

    A residence in the sky……… looks good and is different, very different….makes EK look outdated



    I agree with you mh1204 BA is not a premium airline anymore ,well not to my eyes .it was the end of the road for me when they introduce the low cost cabin crew called mixed fleet on the Sydney route .
    well it looks like that BA low cost fleet are better assisting delivering babies than delivering cabin service !!!!!

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