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    I’ve been flying with EK for the last 7 years and im still managing to maintain my gold with the changes to Skywards (but thats another thread).

    The issue with EK is that service is falling in J class. I was lucky enough to fly the A380 to LHR and back on the evening flght a few days later. The A380 is a great plane, but the business class seats are ridiculous. More space is spent on the infrastructure then the actual seat itself. The whole feeling is claustrophobic and cramped. The service is also questionable and extremely slow. On a day flight this is not a major issue but on a night flight why does dinner service take 2 hours plus. People want to sleep not be kept waiting. The other issue is the growing inability of EK to take meal requests. It always seems you ask for something and they either forget, comes cold, or is just wrong! After a while you just start to ignore these issues and are grateful for what turns up. Another issue is the amount of noise that emenates from the galley. How is that other airlines keep the noise down so people can sleep or meditate in silence (as much as you can get at 35000 feet).

    There are times when EK can be great but at other times they are just annoying. Big ambitions are fine but not at the expense of customer service. Everytime you write a letter you a standard reply telling you how great they are and what a privilege it is that you can fly with them. The attitude of staff can also be questionable.

    Anyone else have these issues.


    CrazyCanuck – these are good questions about EK. I, too, am underwhelmed about their service standards and have tried to work out where the problems lie. My conclusions are that Emirates employ cabin crew that are multi-national (great) but are generally young and “beautiful people” with limited experience of the industry and, probably, looking for a fun lifestyle in the short-term rather than long-term commitment to this area of work. Hence the noise and party atmosphere in the galley. They appear to have little real interest in their customers – slow service at inappropriate times does not really matter to them as a result. They frequently appear to be really at sea when trying to relate to passengers who are not mainstream. Dealing with small children, the elderly or the disabled can really show this up as many EK staff have little inclination or ability to relate to these pax.

    These are my subjective conclusions and the remedies boil down to basic HR – recruiting the right people, training them properly and providing effective supervision on the job.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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