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    With the 10th Anniversary of Emirates operating DXB-GLA coming up the airline are marking this with a one-off A380 flight in operation on the 10th April.

    EK 27 DXB-GLA 0750 1235
    EK 28 GLA-DXB 1535 #0200

    Alot of analysis has gone into this and the feeling is that this may pave the way to one or more of the flights being upgraded to a frequent A380 service.

    What I am wondering is –

    1. Is operating the A380 on this route economically viable on this route and
    2. Does Glasgow Airport’s runway currently have the size capacity to deal with an A380 on a regular basis?

    I’d love to see the A380 coming to GLA. There’s nothing better than at 2130 in the evening seeing the current 777 flying over my village, especailly during the summer months.

    FYI, originall BT article can be found at http://www.businesstraveller.com/news/100233/emirates-to-operate-a380-one-off-to-glasgow – just wanting to get everyone’s feelings on this.


    Emirates need to be admired for having a very clear route development strategy (I think A330 to 777-200 to 777 300 and to A380). I maybe wrong but there was talk of some of the A380’s going 2 class to perhaps be more suitable for some airports as arguably the suites of First class on the A380 are better suited to super long haul routes rather than mid haul routes from secondary cities (and no offence meant to Glasgow here!).

    Either way, its a real coup for Glasgow and hopefully other airports such as Birmingham (once runway extension is completed later this year) and Newcastle will also benefit in this way as frankly the BHX DXB flights are always oversold when I fly it! Plus whilst I love the 777 as an aircraft, 10 abreast in economy is truly horrible.


    I didn’t think Glasgow had adequate runway length for the A380, certainly a fully laden one and why did they not visit GLA last year but instead came to PIK for a few circuits and bumps and then a spot of lunch.

    Not sure if these are 100% accurate –

    GLA Runway length – 2658m

    A380 @ MTOW requires – 2950

    I imagine they are not always at MTOW but I don’t fancy being on a full one if the figures are correct.

    Could Emirates use the A380 to GLA and then onwards to the USA? or Canada?


    If EK can operate an A380 plus an additional service from GLA-DXB doesn’t it just show how BA have totally lost the market for travel eastbound from the regions?

    Good luck to EK.


    I’m not sure they can – it’s only a one off like the flight they did to Gatwick 18 months ago. Maybe somewhere down the line (it’s only now the A380 is coming to Gatwick daily along side the 2 x 777s).

    The possible New York link would be interesting though – why not, if the demand is there?


    EK say, since 2004, 2.3 million passengers have used their service eastwards.

    Now add on lost custom from BHX, MAN, NCL and you can see why BA just wouldn’t bother with Dubai, probably considering dropping it rather than sticking their own 380 on it !

    And QR starting up operations from EDI just exasperates the passenger drain from BA & the other European legacy carriers through their hubs..

    Can’t see the trans-Atlantic flights happening, especially to Canada, although EK do fly to YYZ there was a fallout between Dubai and Ottawa, and I’m not sure if it was ever resolved to each parties satisfaction !


    The runway length wasn’t mentioned as an issue last year when EK first mooted bringing the A380 into GLA.

    Quoted in The Scotsman (on June 7, 2013), Laurie Berryman said the airport required some upgrading to cope with the aircraft, such as taxi-ways between the runway and terminal. And extra airbridges would be needed too.


    Great news for the City of Glasgow and sure that unlike Heathrow the extra length of runway needed could be laid by April 10th.Without getting into the subject of our up and coming Vote its also possible that following said the new Scottish Government will cut and even abolish the APD which would make the City a much more inviting International departure location for rUK.

    Purely by co-incidence my first ever flight from the then Abbotsinch Airport ( now Glasgow) was around 1963 in an ATC Glider and the only noise one could hear was the gentle breeze of the wind passing over the silent aerofoil…..


    They won’t be laying any extra runway by 10th April. It’s a one off flight. Clearly EK won’t be taking tonnes of freight so the aircraft won’t be at MTOW and will use the runway that is there.

    Why is a one off flight so fantastic for the City of Glasgow? I don’t get it. Great PR exercise and the next day life will go on as usual.


    As someone who resides in the north-east of Scotland, any additional flights from GLA or EDI, I honestly think would make no difference whatsoever or offer realistic additional choices for the business traveller wishing to travel long haul from here. So I don’t think your comment JohnHarper @14:07, is necessarily correct. Any flight on BA that we have taken from ABZ – the DH travels much more than I do but says the same – it is always packed to the gunnels.

    Lets face it, would you consider a 4 or even 5 hour drive to get to GLA airport and then the usual timings, and even worse that same drive home after a long haul flight, not to mention car parking charges; or a much shorter drive to ABZ, then take a flight connecting through either LHR or AMS.

    I know what I would pick, as a leisure traveller even!

    So may be great for the southern belt, but there is more to Scotland than Glasgow and Edinburgh!

    It’s such a shame that ABZ can’t (or won’t) offer direct flights to the USA, particularly IAH. I don’t know if that would be possible. In the depths of my mind I seem to have a little bell ringing that someone on here did explain to me once before why this is not possible. 🙂


    Papillion53 – 14/02/2014 11:45 GMT
    Lets face it, would you consider a 4 or even 5 hour drive to get to GLA airport and then the usual timings, and even worse that same drive home after a long haul flight, not to mention car parking charges; or a much shorter drive to ABZ, then take a flight connecting through either LHR or AMS.

    Fit like Quine?

    Four or Five hoors fae Aberdeen? Are you in a Model T Ford? You can do GLA fae Aberdeen in aboot 2.5 hours with the new motorways in Weegieland now (Stepps and the new South motorway) and best of all, if you travel with EK in 1st or business they’ll come pick you up and save you the bathir! Nae parking, nae petrol, nae hassle and a superb in-flight product which you can enjoy on the way back as you’ve no to worry about driving haime!

    If we (We being Jocks) are going anywhere further than Singapore we’ve a minimum of twa stops, fae Glesay with EK to Oz or Singapore or UAE, it is a one stop maximum.

    As an aside, I’m booked with EK to go to Singapore later in the year and had to change the dates, and to change the return flight from Osaka instead of Singapore, it could not have been easier and cost me just over £500.00 which was mainly fare changes for the Osaka flight. Comparing that with my dreadful (and disgraceful) BA interaction the other week trying to get back a piddly £150.00, EK are improving their customer services too – well – they are from my experiences!

    They (EK) IMO have a far smarter business model flying from regional airports with their hub, and for those who complain about DXB, you now get a 1st class bus (I’m not kidding) with teak flooring, LED lighting and comfy armchairs to take you to the terminal and the lounges are outstanding with great food and superb service. The A380 terminal is brand new and has ALL mod cons….

    I love that they’re getting loads of press bringing in the A380, several of my Facebook pals are all excited and will be going to see the spectacle, would be terrific if GLA could accommodate the A380 daily to DXB, I wouldn’t even have to shower afore leaving Dundee!



    I’m with Papillion – not literally of course(!?) – I would never ever look at any flights ex GLA and EDI. The drive certainly seems like 4 or 5 hours – especially on the way home, and the hassle of parking, traffic etc etc turns me right off. I agree that every BA flight (9 per day to LHR most days) are full – as are KLM, I haven’t tried LH yet, but they have increased their aircraft size so must have quite decent loads. Driving to GLA or EDI is far worse than transferring through AMS/CDG or LHR. Leisure travellers look at things differently though, so they will be picking up traffic for that market, but no business travellers I would guess.
    I was passing through BHX in 2009 the day they had a one-off A380 and there was press and dignitaries everywhere – it certainly was a big deal to them so I do think it’s worth getting excited about – so good on EK and GLA, but then I’m a bit of a geek when it comes to things like that.


    Also a local airport supporter, the last time I jumped onto my horse to head west, was the closest my mates have seen me acting like a wee boy, due to my behaviour resembling a 5 year old having a petulant tantrum!

    “Just pay the extra £60 and fly from Edinburgh” I demanded, kicking and screaming

    “Nah, you numpty, fly from PIK and that’s £300 extra in the kitty” was the rebuke

    “Well OK then” I replied in a manner that only a scorned child could sound like!!

    And the last time I flew from GLA was with Zoom !

    A couple of my HK mates are worse, so averse at flying from GLA, we actually FRed it to DUB and then fly on with EK…….The APD savings are good though!!


    I wonder how long it will be until an EK A330 makes an appearance at ABZ?

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