Edinburgh Airport Passport "Fast track" charges

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  • MarcusGB

    Signing in, the article in the news section disappears, so apologies i cannot put my comment on there directly.
    (Few issues need ironing out with the new format guys…!)

    The £5 fee for a priority immigration fee, more utter rip off and nonsense from UK airports!
    I would like to see a maximum time you wait, enforced, and failing that you get a refund as we pay for it to start with!

    How about a REFUND of £5 for poor service or delays of an hour at any of the UK Airports?
    We do pay on each ticket for security and Immigration, and ripped off more than any other country in The World already thanks!
    Schiphol Amsterdam manage to have Sky Priority (and worldwide) for its frequent flyers, or business passengers, and more airports have introduced automatic gates.
    Perhaps some flowers at the end of a red carpet, roped off to the gate, and a personal welcome would add to the benefits for the £5 fee!

    Another reason to exit the UK on whatever flight you can, and start your travels from the EU, and save £500 on the charges and taxes for each business ticket levied, in this self harming cash cow they call an airport in the UK.
    Maybe “On the spot upgrades” could be earned by going extra slow in the normal persons lane could also increase revenue, even if this is about low cost.
    I hope everyone boycotts this additional rip off at yet another UK Airport, Edinburgh should be ashamed of their actions. Improve what you have and make it equal for all, we do not need to re-enforce a cash funded class system thanks.
    My money will go to the Dutch and use of Schiphol, and i will continue to save £500 a flight and start my long hauls from Schiphol, and deprive the government of their “Get off the Island tax”.


    After a busy summer with a number of reported passport check delays over an hour in arrivals, I would have thought it would have made more sense to fix what was already in operation before trying to add in an extra level of complexity to the system. But as usual, the 1st “answer” is to charge people (because we all know that will stop people arriving and fix the queue problem)
    My first though when reading about this was “is it April 1st?” This will help a few people get through a bit quicker, but probably slow down the vast majority of travellers, leading to more issues.
    I did enjoy the comment on the article though, that highlights that if you pay the £5 or not, you will still be waiting to collect baggage along with everyone at the same time. (unless you’ve only hand luggage of course)


    Here is the piece re the new Edinburgh airport passport fee:

    Edinburgh to introduce priority passport fee

    Tom Otley

    “Signing in, the article in the news section disappears, so apologies i cannot put my comment on there directly.
    (Few issues need ironing out with the new format guys…!)”

    Can I ask…. if when you signed in, the story disappeared – are you in the UK? (We are having problems with geo-location).


    Hi Tom.
    I am in KL at the moment, but signing in the article cannot be found, no matter which edition you change to in the upper bar. I also used a VPN and the same happened.

    I have to say after years on BT i do not like or find the new format inviting, and many articles at times just are not relevant to the UK as they used to be in the news or forum. We seem to have lost a few of the long term contributors. Seatplans also does not correlate for some reason, and our previous reviews have got lost, or ones i have spent an hour written, come up with a fault and have been wiped out.
    I don’t have the time to write them twice, saved or not.


    Another airport income potential when as noted above it would be far better to fix the problem and ensure smooth path through the airport which surly in turn would provide passengers with a more positive experience in the airport arriving into EDI.


    Sadly, it’ll prove to profitable…
    Simply because, nowadays there seems to be many more fools out there !
    More fools = more opportunities to part them from their cash !

    And if they align this charge to a Home Office process, surely this must make it some sort of tax ?


    I have no problem paying for a fast track scheme, after all, Global Entry is a scheme that works very well and is robust, but it is more than just putting a coin in a box!

    If the likes of Luton et al are going to offer Fast Track, the system should be more than just a different roped of area with unprofessional staff totally disinterested with what they are meant to be doing.

    I like the American systems (plural being used because there are so many different options). The Clear security screening system works very well and is fast. It is now open to non USA residents to apply as long as you have either a US driving license, with USA address and or a social security number.

    I totally agree with the UK Fast track that if you are not through within a specified time frame, you should get a refund…


    I guess Ms. Sturgeon has to make up for the loss of oil revenue from somewhere?


    I didn’t realise that it was lawful to offer fast track immigration for EU passport holders.

    BA (and other airlines) offer fast track cards for non EU at Heathrow, but not for EU citizens.

    Personally, I don’t think this should be allowed, because it is an official channel and should provide an acceptably fast service to all (fast track outbound, I have no problem with).


    @FDOS, I was referring to the Fast Track payg channels at some airports.



    I wasn’t commenting on your post, it was just a general expression of surprise that this is allowed.


    I don’t know why EU citizens can’t get fast track cards at LHR if they are offered to non EU citizens?


    I don’t know why EU citizens can’t get fast track cards at LHR if they are offered to non EU citizens?

    I quite agree – I am sure an immigration officer told me (years ago) that it was not allowed by law, thus my confusion.


    If you scroll down on the page linked below, to ‘Arrivals’ it states clearly that fast track is for non-EU citizens



    I’d say that amounts to discrimination. Why should premium non-EU citizens get it and not EU ones? Can we sue and get compensation?

    Just thinking ahead, after Brexit, will UK passport holders get our own lane again?

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)
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