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    I may be going to China in a couple of weeks time. The best fare ex-BHX is on LX (life can be tough at times…). However, once my ecstasy had subsided, I noticed that the ZRH-PEK sector is flown by Edelweiss rather than on LX metal.

    Has anyone flown them and, if so, any advice on quality etc?

    Many thanks as ever.


    PS No cheap jokes about “The Sound of Music” please!



    Hi Simon,

    It has been a while since I’ve last flown with them. They are closely connected to Swiss and Kuoni (not sure whether they are now fully owned by Swiss/Lufthansa or not) and enjoy a rather good reputation in Switzerland where they are based. Although it is a charter airline, seat pitch is ok in economy (31”) and they offer some sort of business class. The later is often criticized by travelers expecting a real business class, forgetting Edelweiss remains a charter airline…

    Hope this helps.



    The attached may help..


    have heard the cabin is clean and bright
    with the crew being happy to greet you in the morning,
    on boarding.. 😉




    Hope all is well. I suspect you will travel up-front 🙂 Here are details about the product:


    Note that you will probably not get EB points for this, so if you’re chasing miles it is a lost cause..



    Hi All,

    Thanks for this.

    CMI – Nice one!

    Having looked at the product and, taking Senator’s point about EB points into account, I’m going to do a “Tarom” on this (i.e. Try Another Route or Method).

    I don’t think that Edelweiss and Passenger Rowberry will bloom and grow together, somehow.

    Thanks again for your comments – and proof again that what is said on here does influence readers’ travel decisions.

    Regards, Simon



    Hi Simon,

    If you are traveling BC, clearly TAROM is the right strategy 🙂 ATMEBB is another one to consider… 🙂 ATMEBB? Avoid too much ectasy before booking…

    Safe travel



    Hi Simon,

    It seems that Lufthansa has a sale, I don’t know what is the price that you found with Edelweiss Air but you can get a return to PEK from BHX on LH’s A380 business class for £1700 in July.




    Does anyone have any up to date info on the business offering from Edelweiss.. Its part of an option for this upcoming Athens trip..

    Many thanks



    I would expect an Easyjet kind of experience although it seems soft drinks are offered. The main issue might be to be surrounded by holiday takers (Edelweiss is a kind of charter company), including probably many families with children and long procedures (security, boarding, …).



    Martyn, I flew Eidelweiss a year or two ago, LHR – GVA on Swiss connecting to GVA – Heraklion. I was in econ, but to be honest could see no difference between the two. I rather got the impression that Edelweiss was just a sort of leisure name operator of Swiss.



    Well, it looks like I will be able to give the Forum an update..

    It looks like its 2 x 2 seating.. at least..



    I love Edelweiss. They have some of the friendliest crew I’ve come across and economy seating is rather comfortable. They’ll use the 320 on European routes and business class seating is the same as Economy, a la Swiss/BA etc but the middle seat is kept free.

    The airline is 100% Swiss owned so ultimately belongs to Lufthansa. Try them Martyn, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.



    Last year I flew with LX to JFK from ZRH and my booking told me that the flight was operated by Edelweiss. When I pitched up at the gate I saw an A330 in LX colours and with (with what I thought to be) LX crew on board. The C product was also that of LX. When I asked the question, I was told that yes it was an Edelweiss aircraft but on lease to LX. I should imagine that if you are travelling C cabin and can do seat assignment, this will indicate to you what the product will be.



    I have to admit concern when Tim booked me on Edelweiss from ZRH – ATH.

    I thought it was going to be a typical “lo co” – cheap and product less business class offering. Well, come on… who would call an airline Edelweiss.. 🙂

    How wrong I was, this was a full business class offering, with a sturdy curtain divider between economy and business, giving you a feeling of a separate cabin. Yes the seats were 3 x 3, with the middle left free, but the cabin did feel spacious.

    As for the inflight service for a flight of 2.20h. Numerous drinks offering, a decent hot food SELECTION, very pleasant and smiley crew… all in all……….. a VERY good business class offering.

    There does seem to be a little conformity now within European business class offerings with the “majority of flights” (not all) on Airbus with 3 x 3 with the middle blocked off.

    What I would like to see more off, is the middle seat divider table, which is useful. The hot food (and choice of dishes) on flights of over 2 hours on most NON BA operators is welcome..

    Summary – A very good experience on Edelweiss…

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