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    Easyjet SSH to LGW.

    Arrived at SSH T1 to find security was somewhat beefed up since my last visit two years ago. Security check at the airport vehicle entrance , another to get in to the terminal another to get airside and then after security another one confiscating disposable lighters (MrsMichael handed ours over damn her) and then another at the gate. The gate security was very much about electronic devices being able to work, and I think quite a bit of racial profiling going on as most of those boarding the flight that were checked were not Anglo Saxon UK tourist looking.

    Between losing the lighter and boarding had time for a quick smoke in the smoking lounge, luckily security were present having a smoke and gave me a light……(sure I recognised the lighter!).

    This was my return flight to the UK, I have already submitted a review of the flight out. It all went pretty smoothly barring a twenty minute delay that appeared to be due to the extra security measures at the gate that seemed to be taking some time. As they did not start the process until ten minutes before advertised departure then it is hardly surprising we ended up about 45 minutes late.

    In my earlier review I stated it was a quite long bus ride from the aircraft to the terminal, and I think I now know why. Put simply, aircraft arriving and departing from Terminal 2 park in front of terminal 1, aircraft using terminal 1 park in front of terminal 2. This clearly keeps more bus drivers driving more busses for longer than would otherwise be the case, that of course leads to full employment. I realised this when looking out of the window in the terminal, I could see Thomas Cook and Monarch planes loading, but nothing on the departure boards about them, so they must have been T2 departures. Our Easyjet A320 was a mile away outside T2. LHR/LGW could learn from this!

    The flight was pretty uneventful. It had the old thicker type seating unlike the outbound, but again was adequate for the 5hr20 flight. I partook of a meal deal on board for under £7 and got a nice coffee (with coffee bag) a decent hot bacon baguette and a Twix bar. Good value I thought, better than the overpriced rubbish they dish out on IB in economy, a supposed full service airline.

    Hit some pretty sever turbulence over Northern Italy and a number of people were subsequently sick, including the young lady in the aisle seat opposite me who's skirt was indecently short but entertaining.

    Arrived at LGW around 40 minutes late to be greeted at border control somewhat worryingly by a smiling immigration officer.

    Would I use Easyjet again? Yes
    Would I recommend it to my friends? Yes


    Review courtesy of Original review by user 187347 can be found here

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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