EasyJet FLEXI fares. Are changes truly free?

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    I have seen a very attractive FLEXI fare with EasyJet for travel in June for £50 one-way. The EasyJet sites claims that I can make unlimited changes to this flight within a 4 week period around the date I have in mind.

    What exactly do they mean by this? Is it like other airlines whereby if the fare is in a higher fare bracket, you have to pay the difference or does it mean no extra charges at all? I ask as this fare is for a Weds but the Tues flight is £65 o/w and nearer the time I may want to change to this date.


    Hi Bath_VIP, EasyJet dont have fair classes in the traditional sense, if you buy a flexi fare, you can make alterations to the schedule without charge (there is a limit to the dates – like you can’t change it by more than 1 month later than originally booked). But unless you change routing from the one originally booked there is no additional charge.
    Plus you get a suitcase in the hold, fast track security and priority boarding/allocated seating. Very good value…


    Hello Bath_VIP

    Yes, unlimited changes free of charge…but it has to be between 1 week before or 3 weeks after the original booking.

    Excellent value!


    Sounds a good tip Bath_VIP. The Tues flight is £65 and the Weds one is £50. But you can book a flexi ticket and change for free.

    I can’t see anything in the small print to prevent you doing that…


    That is why I started this thread. It feels like Easyjet have left a loophole whereby you can buy the cheapest Flexi that you can see within the relevant time period you need to travel and then instantly change the flight to the date you want to travel? Obviously there are only so many of these cheap flexis so once they are sold the airline isn’t losing out as such but I couldn’t quite believe that this was the case.


    Maybe the amount extra they charge for the Flexi Ticket compensates for this?


    There is supposedly a 24hr period between buying the ticket and being able to change the date/time so in theory the flexi tickets could sell out on the flight you want and you might not be able to change to it. However I have circumvented this by changing my ticket on their app rather than website, which meant that it could be changed instantly (not sure if this still works?).


    Im sure I recall that the easyJet Flexi fare is calculated using the most expensive possible fare it could be changed to. Ie there is no way to change it onto a fare which would have been more expensive!


    Just completed my first change of a flexi fare for no extra charge. The process worked well though the text on the MMB page is somewhat small.

    As a check of the value of this, I originally paid £50 pp to travel one-way on a flexi fare on a Weds in June. I have now brought it forward to the Sunday before. Had I booked that Sunday now as a new fare, I would have paid £73 for a standard fare and £95 for a flexi fare.

    In addition, there are two flights on the Sunday and I need to check with my partner to see which flight she would prefer. She wasn’t around just now and ordinarily I would have delayed my decision but it then occurred to me I don’t need to. I can make the change now and then change it again if she had a different preference.

    All in all I am impressed and will bear this in mind in future when booking EasyJet.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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