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  • stevescoots

    Quick question. If you pay for business class but then burn some points upgrading to F, do you still get points on the flight based on the business class fare, does it vary from carrier to carrier? I am burning up some EK points on upgrades


    Steve, I dunno whether it’s the same on all airlines, but on EK you should get the points from the cash fare.


    Steve, you will earn the miles / tier points for the cash ticket purchased.

    In my experience the initial posting is often the flight with zero credits, as it looks like a straight mileage booking, but the airlines I have used have been quick to adjust once alerted. BA, EK and EY.


    Well here is a twist. Last year with CX I had earned 4 upgrade vouchers which I used as follows. Booked a paid for Premium Economy ticket and then used the vouchers to upgrade to Business on the long haul sectors so this was two trips (PEY) then using the upgrade vouchers. The credited miles was at the Business Class rate. A great example of an airline not only recognising loyalty but giving yo every reason to continue using them after you have achieved the renewal threshold.


    Thanks for the answers, On EK from STN to to HKG on friday, Will be interesting to see what lounge offering they have!


    Certainly BA give you the avios and tier points for the ticket you PURCHASED. You have access to the BA lounge of your final class of travel or according to your status in BAEC.


    stevescoots – please can you share if there is a new lounge at STN?

    Last time I was there, I believe there was just the one general lounge, as you exit the hideous snake of shops, along a passage way (general direction of the toilets) and down a flight of stairs. Fairly spacious, but I know they do have capacity issues.


    I do the Dubai hop once or twice a month and living 10 mins away from Stansted, it has always irked me that I have had to endure the early morning slog down the M11 and around the M25 to either LHR or LGW. Notwithstanding the dump that STN is (there is good reason why it “won” the second worst airport in the world accolade recently out of, I believe, 137 airports surveyed), I was more than happy to endure the unpleasantness of the STN experience at the expense of the M11 / M25. Since the EK STN / DXB service started on 8th June 2018, I have flown three sectors – one southbound and two northbound.

    The southbound sector was flown last Sunday night and the first thing to say is don’t expect the normal EK departure airport experience. The check-in area is well run but after that, it is solid STN. Fast track security (normally £7) is available to F, J and Gold (possibly Silver also). It’s then into the shopping mall and on into the central holding area whether there are further shops and various F&B outlets. As always, there is no seating available, not even in the F&B outlets – they are all taken, with others taking refuge by sitting or lying on the floor.

    There is one Lounge at STN, the Escape Lounge – a misnomer if ever there was one. This is situated in the tunnel that leads to the main airport toilets and is open to EK and various other airlines, generally the charters who offer PE but also to all who are prepared to pay for entry. I’m not sure what the entry fee is – £24 comes to mind – but it is said that this is popular with the Magaluf brigade who reckon that £24 is a cheap price to pay in relation to what they can put away before their flight leaves. There was certainly evidence of this when I was in there last week. EK have a small area cordoned off at the back of the Lounge but this is very small and no different to the rest of the Lounge – it is merely an “exclusive” area for EK pax. It was full when I was there. The Lounge itself is typical of what you might expect at an airport such as STN. EK’s STN departure is 21h10, so towards the end of the day; therefore when certain food runs out, it is not replaced. There was very limited choice left when I was in there at 19h30.

    I understand that the intention is that EK will at some stage have their own Lounge but not, apparently, any time soon and perhaps not until there is a second daily flight.

    EK operates out of Gate 12 – a train ride away – and boarding was orderly. Actual departure was at 21h50, not unusual apparently according to colleagues that have also used this flight. For some reason, inflight catering activity did not start until about 23h00 and wrapped up about midnight – over 2 hours into a 6.5 hour flight whilst breakfast was rolled out about 1.5 hours before arrival at DXB. So, even if not partaking of the catering, as I wasn’t, the activity is disturbing and I ended up with about one hour’s kip. I hate overnight flights at the best of times and I have reverted to enduring the M11 / M25 pain of getting to LHR or LGW for the southbounds and using the STN for the northbounds until such time as that second flight arrives which will then provide day-flights in both directions.

    It perhaps might be useful to make mention of the STN arrival experience. Immigration can be a nightmare. There are 30 electronic gates available and on both occasions when I have returned to STN, only 10 have been open at any one time. When returning a couple of days ago, I questioned this with one of the airport personnel in the Immigration area. I was told that this was a Border Control issue, not an Airport matter, and that a Border Control Officer has to be in position to monitor each bank of 10 Gates. Border Control will not apparently allocate any more than one Officer in “non-peak” periods – mid-afternoon when EK arrives is apparently considered non-peak, notwithstanding the fact that it is offloading some 350+ pax along with those of other, mainly, FR flights that were also arriving at the same time. A tip for you – when the Immigration snake begins to disgorge at the Gates – head towards the left (where the wall is) as the filter there gives you access to three or four Gates whilst the others just filter into one


    I agree with Stormin, the lounge is a joke as is all of STN, I could not help but notice just how tatty the place looked just pulling up in the car. Rubbish all over, reminded me of the scene in the average UK town centre on a Sunday morning, food wrappers and beer cans all along the kerbside. The lounge was not much better, would not win any cleanliness awards for sure. they don not have toilets apart from disabled in the lounge which i was told to use. Disgusting would be the word. i could not help but notice the inspection record showed an hourly check up to 2pm, then nothing until when i used at 8pm

    Anyway, check in was a mess although I was 3rd in line in the F line it still took 30 minutes and the emirates rep being run ragged by the incompetance of swissport staff. The lounge….better to use one of the terminal bars if you want to eat. boarding, whilst they called in order they were letting Y class on the same time as F and J, swissport again.

    The car…I use EK out of BHX where they have a 70 mile limit before charging, so I usually end up paying 22 quid extra each way. STN they have set the limit as 50 miles, so it was a whopping 90 each way surcharge which i was only told the day before! after I complained they dropped it to 70. apart from the driving part there is no cost saving to me to use their car for STN.

    Flight was good, the new 777 business seat is better than the old but i still prefer the 380 business seat. Had F from DXB to HKG and like an idiot forgot to book my car on arrival…Doh! as Homer would say

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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