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  • BPP

    Have to add to my previous that I have been through HIA probbably 10 times since the new airport opened – (from/to LHR). This is the first time I have met in-transit security. It was tottaly unexpected hence my comments.
    I do remember the old airport where transit from the a/c to business terminal was by those awful busses – then there was a cursory baggage scan at the bottom of the escallator to the lounge area.
    Something has changed
    I am possibly getting too old (and grumpy!)for this!


    BPP Yes I think the last sentence is quite correct, and there are a few of us out here (or on here) in that category.
    Awful busses to The Premium Terminal “where you can relax unwind and enjoy our 5* hospitality”??? They had velour seats I’ll have you now, maybe even alcantara?


    Didn’t they offer separate buses for J pax. I seem to remember in the dead of night being on a bus without anyone else.

    To be fair, they outgrew the old terminal and they new airport is a night and day improvement. Regardless of passing security while in transit 😉


    Been through Doha twice this week and perhaps 20 times in last 2 years. Premium security line has always been exceedingly obvious in my opinion, right in the centre of the security lines. Always found the scanning to be very speedy, no laptops or 100ml toiletires out. The mentioned extra searches must be random as all passengers pass through the same central security points. For me I appreciate it, having witnessed the much slacker security at many airports where passengers are arriving from. The classic was Zanzibar where the x ray machines were broken so they just loaded it all anyway without any checks.


    I could name several airports where security queues ebb and flow. As stated up thread you only need 2 or 3 A380 to arrive simultaneously and it can cause short term pressure. At other times it can be a 2 minute wait.

    As for the need for screening, who knows. Having seen the quality of screening at some outstations I’m not surprised.


    Separate buses still for J pax. I was there a few days ago and arrived at the gate about 35 minutes before departure. Most passengers had already been processed. I was told to push through them and board the waiting air conditioned J bus.

    I have no idea what or who the aforementioned early birds thought I was!

    In the end, both J and Y buses departed at the sane time, with the Y bus door remaining firmly shit until all J were aboard


    This was my original topic, many thanks all for the input.
    I came back through DOH on Sunday – mid day. The place was deserted and yes there is a Business Class lane which can be seen easily when there are not litterally hundreds of people jostling for position, which was the case on the way out.
    The screening was very thorough. Shoes, belt, watch – all off. Pass through the arch, recover everything – go to the lounge – all quiet!
    Nice lunch etc, all going well. So far so good!
    Went the gate at the appointed time only to be pulled to one side and scanned AGAIN, then bags searched and swabbed AGAIN. My wife also subjected to a very intrusive ‘pat down’.
    By this time I was getting getting somewhat miffed to put it mildly.
    These additional (duplicated) searches at the gate appeared to be quite random, but maybe not.
    I asked the question, to be told sharply that ‘It was at the request of the British Government’.
    Maybe that certain flights/origins/passports whatever are being targeted?
    Tell you what though, it’s a direct flight next time!


    @BPP I used to use QR through DOH to LHR very regularly, and those extra searches are indeed specific for UK flights, and as you were told, demanded by HM Govt. Its not everyone, and as you say its random, but it does show to any would-be terrorist (if he is not already living safe and hidden in UK – as our Immigration controls are useless), that he/she might get caught at this extra gate security check.

    Don’t get miffed, think about this, I am sure that in the Al Mourjan Lounge where you had lunch, there was steel cutlery, including some very sharp steak knives! And unfortunately the authorities also know that the fairer sex maybe actually carrying the knife, by thinking that they only pull aside men for a secondary check.

    This unfortunately, in this bad world we live in, is one of the necessary evils of travel.
    Don’t give up on QR and travelling via DOH. it’s a small inconvenience, to receive an otherwise 5* experience

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    Just transiting in Doha from Gatwick flight and onwards East. Clearly marked Business/ Elite route – I was the only passenger using it at the time (about 12.30 am). No shoes or watches separately scanned – just tech equipment and liquids.

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