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  • Travel Smurf

    My wife and I booked a fully changeable and refundable ticket in July 2020 to fly TAP in December 2020 to the Azores. Due to the COVID situation we didn’t go. I called TAP and cancelled our tickets asking for a refund. That was on 8 December 2020. As of 29 April 2021, the tickets still have not been refunded.

    Since then I’ve heard nothing but lies and excuses from TAP on why they can’t refund it. Being a very frequent traveller I was sympathetic for them and waited patiently. After 3 months I called them and was told “Oops, we forget to put this on the queue to be refunded”. I’ve called many times since then, and every time I receive the “you need to wait”, “times are tough”, “it’s in the backend queue for processing”. I simply don’t believe the lies and uncaring attitude anymore. Any sympathy I’ve had for them is long gone. They don’t communicate, don’t appear to take any action and simply don’t care.

    I have to constantly chase them and at this point it is a complete joke. Are they trying to keep my money? Are they that close to bankruptcy? Should they still be flying if they can’t do refunds?

    I used to like TAP, and now it is just a matter of principle. I paid for a refundable ticket, I have been more than patient, it should be refundable. Waiting nearly 5 months for a refund is a joke!


    Which credit card did you use? If for example Amex I am sure they or any of the other credit card companies can help.


    Pre covid I was due a refund and it look them 6 months. They lie and hide. Totally vile. I went onto their social media and constantly slated them. Not sure it helped in fairness but just made me feel better. Research I did showed that many others were in the same boat.


    Agree – TAP are totally unprofessional when it comes to refunds- 3 phone calls and 2 emails over 4 months – lots of promises – nothing happens.
    This is the second time we have had problems with TAP.
    Eventually Santander refunded the credit card within 10 days of returning the relevant claim form.

    Simple – we continue to do business with Santander and will do our utmost to avoid TAP.


    “Will do our utmost to avoid TAP”, absolutely right, vote with your feet.

    I believe it’s also good and fair to write and post honest reviews. That will help to keep service providers on their toes (I wish, and hope).


    TAP have been and still are a serial defaulter in this area over many years and their customer service in general is almost as bad as that of Turkish.
    I would rate your chances of any refund as very low unfortunately but perhaps still possible if you keep plugging away.


    TAP are awful. Go straight to your card provider and claim a refund from them. A year ago I had several cancelled flights, with different airlines and difficulty getting quick refunds. I contacted Amex and: for Ryanair they contacted the airline and arranged for refunds; Lufthansa they said that LH are working on it and I must wait; for TAP Amex immediately credited, presumably because they know what TAP is like.

    TAP have received €970 million Government support which is ~ €100 per head of population. Can any other Country beat this?


    This seems to be a familiar story with TAP.

    Late March 2020 my partner and I had planned to meet friends in Florida for a cruise (what a different world it was) to celebrate a milestone birthday. A number of the group had booked TAP from DUB to MIA via LIS. My partner and I had booked BA.

    We were refunded by BA within weeks. They are still contesting their refund with TAP over a year later.

    Triple X

    I am still waiting from mine since January 2021

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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