Do we need two fora sections?

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  • FormerlyDoS


    “Well let’s call a truce then. And i’m sure we can make it last longer than a Polo Mint. “

    Agreed and also agree it’s important to settle publicly.



    No apologies needed, the thread evolved and is quite long, not easy to follow.

    Hopefully adding a couple of new forums would not cause the rankings to suffer, but would make infor easier to find and more relevant.


    Was a bit late in reading this forum as I didn’t know what a ‘fora’ was. Now I do I think I’ll stick to forums.

    At a young age I was fortunate to travel long haul in business class with work regularly. Occasionally it was frantic with last minute phone calls before boarding and service passing without my even noticing as I worked in the zone on the next big thing. The flight attendants could’ve been naked and I still wouldn’t have cared about the service they were offering.

    Fortunately most times I was able to savour the experience and looked forward to the trips.

    If you want a separate section for ‘in the zone’ business ‘warriors’ then I’d gladly give that section a wide berth.


    “If you want a separate section for ‘in the zone’ business ‘warriors’ then I’d gladly give that section a wide berth.”

    Doesn’t seem that we do.


    Pappillion – please reconsider. You are one the most valuable contributors to this forum and actually seem to be a normal person! I so enjoyed reading about your adventures in Australia and you have a great sense of humour. Never let bullies win.


    Firstclasswannabe @ 12:32

    Thank you so very much and to all others who have shown me what a great bunch you all are, with your encouragement and kind comments – how could I now leave you? 😉 :-). I am not going to reply individually to all of you as I would certainly “ramble” on for several pages! But suffice to say LP I will hold you to that drink at Gleneagles, as I think the golf would have to be pitch and putt with my handicap!

    It is a Lady’s prerogative to change her mind, as my Dear Husband knows to his cost – so here I am! LOL! I said yesterday “least said, soonest mended” – so forward and onward! :-)))


    Mrs P

    Great news you are back with us, I didn’t have you down as a quitter

    Your Oz travel reviews were up there with the best I’ve read and while waiting for the updates got me as as a user of these forums

    Talli as for fora it’s what you spread on you toast !!!


    Papillon, “DH” = darling husband or dear husband….. ?? or something completly different ??



    If it is a lady’s prerogative to change her mind, is it a man’s prerogative to never change his mind?


    MS – always “darling husband”! What could you mean??? 😉 Aren’t you men just perfect so it would always be darling or dear!!! 😉 🙂

    Bath_VIP – ha ha! In our house, only if he’s very unwise! 😉 🙂


    Although it is nice to see people getting along and having a good time, the way this thread is now going shows why I started it and why I think it is time to re-organize the forum.

    Nothing wrong with having a nice social, but it would be good if it was in a dedicated space.


    It struck me over lunch time today that there could be two sections, one for the serious posters and another for the handles that pop up from time to time who seem to have nothing to contribute but they simply bump old threads.

    The two on cruises spring to mind


    It certainly seems to be a great day for new posters to be digging out obscure old topics and making a single post.

    I wonder if someone is bored??

Viewing 13 posts - 76 through 88 (of 88 total)
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