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    US Airways spokeswoman Valerie Wunder said the airline does not have a specific dress code, “but we ask our passengers to dress in an appropriate manner to ensure the safety and comfort of all our passengers

    Further evidence if it were required of the lack of perspective of US airlines and their staffs.

    There was no dress code, he was wearing clothing as would be seen on the street, in pubs, clubs and all forms of public transport. It appears from the reports that he was not causing offence to other passengers.

    You have to conclude therefore that the crew, captain police and everyone else had lost the plot.

    Another excellent reason for avoiding all travel, on all US carriers, permanently!



    Does this surprise anybody!!!

    The Americans like to express their freedom and in this case “Pants Down”!

    Thank God it is most unlikely to happen in Asian airports.



    Like it or not, this manner of dress is very popular with certain segments of young Americans, it is simply their way of making a fashion statement. Does this make it acceptable? Well, there is a time and a place for everything but to dress like that in public, especially on an airplane, simply shows a lack of respect for a proper dress code. To have one’s pants at half mast with underwear showing along with with one’s derriere is just unnecesary and it is offensive to many people. I’m not for censoring anyone but there really need to be some decency standards set as good
    examples for today’s youth.



    Undertaking a little more research on the internet, I would ask you to draw your own conclusions:

    Situation 1 – a man wears trousers rather low, perhaps as a fashion statement, and is asked to leave an aeroplane due to innapropriate fashion sense.

    Situation 2 & 3- pretty big busted lad(ies) , strips down to a bra an panties, and walks through a a Governement agencies TSA, security point, unchallenged and this is considered acceptable.

    I suppose it had nothing to do with the fact that the man was black and the women were white?



    Wow Wow Wow,

    I must match the blonde Lady Godiva at TSA Security Check Point with my Brazilian dental floss next time I am in the States!!!

    Now I call this the ultimate travel experience!!!!!



    chinaboy –

    first to say i find the pants at half mast pretty revolting, BUT…

    you say it shows a lack of respect for proper dress code, but that is according to your dress code, in the under 30’s that is completely acceptable dress code for public transport, if you wouldnt mind seeing them wear it on a bus or tube then you cant complain about it on an aircraft.

    you say it is offensive to some, well i find having an obese passenger next to me offensive, but im not going to complain and say they should have to lose weight before they can fly.

    like it or lump it, the majority of people flying are under 40, so get with the times or dont fly.

    I would say this guy will be flooded with calls from lawyers wanting to take this case, with the airline in question settling out of court.

    completely unacceptable on their part!

    one more point, regrettably this style of fashion is just as widespread in the UK as it is in the states!




    My wicked streak tells me to test for the case in the Land of Freedom of Expression and the reaction when a passenger with YELLOW SKIN is dressed in an outlandish outfit

    My rich Halloween and Mardi Gras costumes will have something to impress!

    Unusual travels to all!



    I would never have thought this possible until I heard from my new brother in law (sister married three weeks ago) of him being asked to put on trousers because he was wearing a kilt and that other flyers may be “offended” by it. This was on a Delta flight on the West Coast.



    ..and did he??



    Yes – he was told that unless he did he would not be allowed to fly so it was off to the Gents for a quick change. He wrote to the airline, enclosing documentation on the history of the kilt, his Scottish heritage pictures of people wearing kilts etc etc but to no avail. They simply restated that some people would be offended by the view of a man in a “skirt like clothing”. I think he was mildly offended but not bothered enough to do anything about – as he said to me when we discussed it,

    “All Americans are nuts anyway”



    Perhaps your brother just missed his lottery ticket!

    A Scotsman being told to change out of his national heritage clothing as it offends…………..wooooooooow, if only there had been an attorney to hand………MILLIONS and that only to cover the lawyers bill!

    …and Charles, I do find your reference to NUTS very offensive. Nuts do have nutiritional value, are extremely tasty and do not leave a trail of destruction where ever they go (apart from some shells)!



    Forcing a Scotman to change into trousers over wearing a kilt would indeed constitute suppression and it could open up to a large scale lawsuit for the airline!

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