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  • isabelsousa

    I traveled with Emirates from Bali to Lisbon last August.

    My luggage were damaged and some of the personal things I had inside (8 bathing suits) were lost.

    I already made the complaint but Emirates decided only to exchange the damage luggages.

    The bathing suits value wasn’t refund because they claim that I had no receipts for it.

    They perfectly know that people rarely keep receipts of bathing suits when know it will be used in holidays…

    I’m sorry that a company with the reputation and prices of Emirates treats its customers like this


    You are lucky they cancelled my flight and never refunded the ticket price!
    Never flown them since-they owe me too!


    Most airlines will not refund without proof of contents, some will make an average payment for loss of entire contents if luggage is lost. This is normal practice everywhere , would home insurance payout for every item in your home without proof. the system would be open to a huge amount of abuse. I have had 3 cases wrecked by airlines over the past 3 years, Fortunatly none of them had contents damaged or missing. However what would stop me from going to the airline desk with damaged case, opening it up and then claiming I had £200 worth of shirts in there that are gone? I understand your frustration but have to agree with EK on this one. As a side note anything i buy that i think would be worth a claim in the future, even if its low value i scan receipts and save them on a cloud drive. I am flying back to UK today on EK with a case full of low value toys as xmas gifts, have already copied the reciepts. If they get bashed up then if nothing else the compensation will cover my petrol costs going to buy replacements

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    I do have sympathy here for Isabel but it’s as SteveScoots said. +1

    I have said before, EK is fine until something goes wrong, they are too big and too ugly to care about complaints.

    When I worked for an airline we paid out for lost baggage at a standard rate of USD20/kilo, higher if excess value had been declared. That was a long time ago. If there was a discrepancy between weight on departure and on arrival then the proof of the former was the check-in record. We once had a customer who arrived and claimed that his expensive Rolleiflex cameras and lenses, his Armani suits, his Lobb shoes, etc, had been ‘stolen’ from his case. His case weighed 15 kg. He claimed that when he checked in it weighed 35 kg, so we asked him for proof of excess baggage payment, receipts and declaration of excess value.

    The check in record showed 15 kg. He was going to ‘sue the ass off me’. I’m still waiting.

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    The whole luggage thing is tricky. BA lost mine for 5 weeks a few years ago when they had one of their many meltdowns.
    They paid me the max (is it Warsaw Convention thet dictates that ?) which was quite a goodly sum, then delivered the bag intact, if a little moldy, 2 days later !! Needless to say their compensation was put to good use.
    Perhaps there needs to be an EC rule to cover luggage issues – oops forgot we won’t be held back from our true potential by pesky EC rules much longer…….

    Took me as long to get past reCAPTCHA as it did to do the post.


    Recently Lufthansa ripped one of the wheels off my Samsonite which I noticed on arrival at MXP. Long trek to the lost and damaged area, report made, told to call the number and they will collect my case, repair or replace it, and bring it back. Of course it was an Italian number and they couldn’t help me so called Swiss who passed me onto LH. After emailing all the docs and photos I got a call from a very helpful man who asked me how much the case cost, to which I replied I can’t recall but around EUR 180.

    Amazingly he told me that they do not have a collect and repair service in Switzerland, though Swiss does, but as I flew LH it is their responsibility and he would refund me EUR250. One week later I got the money. The icing on the cake was I took the case to the Samsonite outlet store where I bought it, and when Mrs. LP went to collect it they had repaired it under warranty. A good result.

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