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    What happened to the thread ‘Change of Cabin Crew to LAX’?

    The thread was deleted by Business Traveller – it had descended into petty accusations and personal attacks, and we received several complaints from readers asking for it to be removed.

    Should this thread continue in the same vein, it will also be removed.


    Thanks mod.

    Damn shame.


    It would make more sense to delete individual posts.

    What happened to the Delta business class thread, where the opening poster was travelling from Prague to Vegas? There were no bad posts on there as far as I’m aware.

    EDIT: Someone wrote a swear word, but this could have been edited to f**king.



    On a point of principle, I find it concerning that a poster is allowed to make an assertion about the reason for a decision by a company that can only be known to certain people in the company and who fails to respond to reasonable requests from other posters to provide a reference or justification for it.

    I personally believe that such posts should be deleted by BT.

    Please note that this is not a personal attack, it is comment on the integrity of information posted here and I would make the same point regardless of who made such a post.

    Bucksnet – we’re investigating what happened to the Delta thread – an individual post was edited as it had a swear word in it, and we believe a bug may have led to the whole thread being removed.

    We are always open and happy to confirm when threads are removed – the Delta thread was not removed (at least not intentionally), and we will see if it can be reinstated.

    As regards the thread we did delete, it had got way past just deleting one or two posts. We do not take deleting threads lightly, but we will not allow this forum to be used for personal attacks and accusations.



    I’m not quite sure why I waste my time contributing to this forum if threads which are perfectly innocuous get deleted.

    Healthy debate and freedom of speech are things to be applauded and encouraged.

    Whilst and understand and appreciate the need to moderate, sometimes it can go to far.

    Could you give us a sense of what tipped this over the edge? For future reference. I can only assume it was one of the following:

    – constant and repetitive request for VK to backup his statement on the MF Atlanta Route
    – possible inference that BA cabin crew are the same as bin men

    If it was the first point, then I see no harm in people asking others to backup their points with facts and proof. The fact the question was moot answered by the poster inflamed the situation ( in my humble view)

    If it was the second point, then please accept my apologies if any offence was taken. None was intended

    Would be greatful for your views to make sure I don’t waste my time in the future


    BusinessTraveller: How about banning the most troublesome poster of all? He seems to be present and playing a part in any thread that is deleted. If he were not posting then, as at times in the past when he hasn’t posted the board has been a much more pleasant place.

    I haven’t posted for several weeks but I did read the board yesterday and today. A poster making a sweeping statement and declining despite repeated requests to justify it and then posting deliberately antagonistic posts is really rather tiring. He has a long history of this sort of behaviour and is the first to level accusations at others about their input while posting BA adverts or antagonistic views and bumping threads that suit his purpose. Surely asking for justification for a standpoint is not a controversial thing to do and that many asked and were ignored says a great deal about the person in question. His behaviour on both Pprune and Flyertalk is similar when he is not banned, here he gets away with it without sanction and at times seems to be encouraged.

    I took a little time to read over some of his more recent posts before writing this and they all fall in to one category or the other.

    There was some very interesting information in the deleted thread and it is a pity it has gone. Thanks particularly to rferguson for your insights in to the current situation, the as ever, explain a lot.

    The endless round of BA ads and antagonism have been why I stayed away. Like many others, I can live without it. Many of the people who were posting quality information here are disappearing. It’s time, in my view, to stop the rot.


    Loyal_BA, I did actually edit my post early this morning like you requested before the thread was deleted. Where i made refernce to the trade you pointed out. I am sure someone else will back me up.

    Lets try not to turn this thread in to another “Whats this forum about?”


    Do some people here actually understand the concept of irony??

    A post from BT which tells us to avoid personal attacks is followed by posts which are comprised solely of further personal attacks!

    It’s actually a fairly simple concept – don’t attack any other poster – full stop. The vast majority of us want to discuss issues, not particular people.


    “Do some people here actually understand the concept of irony??”

    Yeah, wasn’t that what they clapped convicts in, when they were being transported? 😉


    That’s why irony is popular in Australia !!


    Surely it’s better to deal with the cause than the symptoms? One poster does seem to be at the root of the problems as identified by LPPSKrisflyer above.

    It’s not a matter of personal attacks, just objective comment about what is going on and is plain to see if you stand back and look.


    I recall a post many moons ago in which “we all agreed” (definition of we all being those regulars at the time (and no I cant reference this statement)) that statements should be backed up or supported with a reference point.

    The discussion on the deleted thread that casued the “handbags” was presumably commenced by a member of cabin crew who seriously breached company confidentiality, IF THE STATEMENT WAS INDEED TRUE.

    The poster who made the follow up comment (who I am sure can defend himself) was equally as guilty.

    Interesting though that the accusations point in only 1 direction.

    I am all for free speach and exchange of views, but I do wish that there were more BA staff comments in the style of rferguson who does provide very balanced and fair critique.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 52 total)
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