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    Would be interested to hear opinions about this flight or the return in Business Class. Am a Diamond with Delta but AA is offering an unbelievable fare and my boss wants me to book on AA. Any comments about the flight, airports, lounges, etc would be welcome. Thanks in advance.



    Hi Betsyv3

    Not the route you are looking at, but having recently flown ex ORD to LHR overnight, in AA business class, I would advise you to make sure the flight you choose has the new AA business class seat. We had the old style, wedgie, coffin, whatever you choose to call it and it was truly awful. If you are travelling on your own, the new seats all have aisle access.

    The cabin crew service was, IMHO, not great to start, but warmed up a bit. The food was actually quite good – again I would suggest you pre-order your entree online as your first choice may run out. The ice-cream sundaes, made to order, are yummy!

    As for lounges, well the AA lounge in ORD was horrid – packed, “dirty” and loud! Whilst they did have a “quiet room”, which I initially thought was a great idea in theory, as I hate those inconsiderate people who insist in having their mobile phone conversation with the whole room! In practice, it got totally lost in translation, with the amount of people in there talking loudly! One large group in particular – but I can’t blame them really as there was very little alternative for seating available. But could you have access to other lounges with your Delta Diamond?

    I’m not sure if AA operate the new business seat on your route, but I’m sure someone else will pop along and let you know. I think it is indicated by 77W aircraft type.

    AllOverTheGaff – “Gaffy”, to his pals, wrote a couple of great reviews on BT on his recent travels with AA on both old and new business class.



    Does AA fly actually HKG-DFW non-stop or direct ? Or is there a plane change ?

    So the plane type may depend on the chosen routing.



    Thanks Papillion and AMcWhirter. Starting in June, AA will fly nonstop from DFW to HKG and to PVG. The DFW HKG flight will be via 777-300ER and it looks to me like the new seats.

    But as I haven’t flown AA in a long time, I am wondering about the service. I have flown Delta and UA. Hated the seats on UA. But the fare on the AA flight is around 3500 USD R/T against 6800 USD on Delta. So boss is pushing me to book my trips on AA.



    Hi Betsyv3

    Taking up on Alex’s point….

    My advice was going to be , do a bit of research on the price quoted and see if you can play the codeshare game and actually fly on a CX aircraft with an AA flight number.

    If you can, you’ve won the lottery. It might mean a change at LAX or YVR though!



    betsyv3 – Didn’t realise you were travelling June. Was just checking the schedules over the next few weeks.

    Yes all the B777-300ERs were delivered from Boeing with the new seating.

    I’ve no experience of the product so maybe someone else can vouch for the service.



    Canucklad, yes I agree but the flights that are operated by CX are running $4700 USD and the boss is saying no to the extra $1200.

    Alex, actually I am flying almost every other month but had only booked up to April. When I investigated the June to October flights, this option popped up and my boss wants me to jump ship with Delta and switch to AA. I think I will be forced to do it but wanted any info as I like to be informed more than just go with the flow.



    betsyv3 – Re: Pricing. It seems like it’s the old story where the home airline (CX) charges more than foreign carriers.

    Here’s a very detailed Tried and Tested on AA’s new B777-300ER bsuiness class which was posted recently by our editor Tom Otley.

    I am sure it will help.




    And here’s one from me (second review on the page at the time of posting)


    The AA lounges at DFW are pretty ordinary by international standards. In HKG you will get the run of the oneworld lounges – so use the CX lounges!

    I have never flown Delta, so can’t compare, but the new AA seat is considered by many to be one of the best in the sky. IFE is excellent (it has worked for me each time, BT’s reviewer wasn’t so lucky)

    Altogether, I wouldn’t worry, I think you will be perfectly comfortable on board

    Let us know if you want advice on Hong Kong!

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