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  • JollyFlyer

    If you still have your tickets perhaps all you need to do is visit the ticket office . The online delay repay function via Southern is a slow process to get your money back.


    @DavidGordon10 – could I suggest that you scan your tickets and taxi receipt and email to customer services. I have done this in the past with other TOC’s and have received a refund plus compensation, albeit in the form of vouchers for future travel.

    Whilst it is no comfort and darn inconvenient train and bus operators don’t cancel services because they feel like it. In the case of a train driver, he gives a months notice but it takes his replacement a year to be fully trained.


    MartynSinclair about.?…..he is looking for a train drivers job…..cannot think he would not turn up to get DavidGordon to Gatwick on time.


    I did follow the link you gave me last time Mr Michael, but no luck..

    ..and yes… I would jump at the chance to be a Gatwick Express driver… even with a 4.30 am start… :)))


    “Why did you not get the next train?”

    How did the OP know that the next train would actually operate? So yes, I’d be wary about being at the whim of Gatwick Express.

    Gatwick Express should be scrapped really. The number of times I see five car trains, almost entirely empty shows what a waste of valuable capacity it is. But best not upset Gatwick Airport.


    I agree with you SealinkBF that Gatwick Express should be scrapped. Takes up paths that could be used more efficiently for other services. There is nothing stopping those particular services from stopping at LGW and then running fast to Victoria.


    I totally get David Gordon’s reluctance to wait….Standing at Victoria wondering what the next service failure will be…..

    Public transport in this country is truly awful. Plus, I’m a firm believer that the management of the train and bus companies happily live in “ISHl-world” …….. 4.30ish, Afternoonish etc. etc.,

    Sadly I’ve concluded that the reason trains and buses are late or don’t bother turning up are actually down to us……the general public !! ……Why, because we tolerate the failings of these companies, thus encouraging those services that we rely on to continue to worsen.

    Back on topic after rant….
    I’m also assuming that Gatwick Express runs 24/7, hence the reason why some of you suggested catching an earlier train….but he shouldn’t have to.
    And Martyn, I’d second NTarrants suggestion, and actively seek compensation from the company that broke their part of the contract, thus causing you stress and incontinence !


    SealinkBF / NTarrant

    There is a proposal from December this year that 2 of the Gatwick Express services (xx:00 & xx:30 from Victoria) will continue on to Brighton per hour and become the Brighton Express Services in day time off peak. The Brighton Express service will change from the current stopping pattern of Brighton, East Croydon, Clapham, Victoria or vv to Brighton, Gatwick, Victoria (running time 54 minutes with a 3 minute stop). Brighton will then get 2 trains per hour that are stopping services to Victoria.

    I’ve not seen if this is definitely happening or not – but will be a better utilisation of the mainline.…8/gtr-timetable-consultation-document/

    Consultation appears to have closed a while back – no idea what the outcome was.


    The perfect reason why we should get behind Corbyn and his plans for nationalisation.


    @canucklad – I really hope that was an unintentional autocorrect 😉


    Lol mkcol74!
    SimonS1 – I missed your comment last week about delays and cancellations from London Bridge, but all went well for me on Monday, thanks for the message.
    It was rather a nice experience to be honest on Southern.
    I’m arriving into Gatwick next Saturday again so won’t dread my journey this time. Heading to Docklands, now best check my best option for that. Before someone says “fly into LCY”, I’m using a return Easyjet ticket that would go unused – and we can’t have that!


    SpeedbirdABZ……LGW to London Bridge then Jubilee Line to Canning Town then DLR to Docklands. It all works well…


    Fantastic, thank you openfly!


    Just the other day I booked a ticket on the Southern service (not the Gatwick Express) for an upcoming trip, and encountered a neat little trick. For an additional 10p (15.40 instead of 15.30), I could leave from any of nine different London stations – meaning that I don’t have to pay for the tube to Victoria.


    Firstly apologies to David, I hadn’t realised the auto-correct, and thanks to mkcol74 for highlighting my unfortunate error…….Inconvenience is what I meant!

    And now for my Monday rant about rail travel….
    Booked my rather expensive train travel from to my West Lothian local station to Stockport and back…..Pick up my tickets , with my 2 Anytime tickets, and 2 coupons reserving my seats + my receipt I board my local train and all is good.

    Don’t use my reserved seat on the way down as I take advantage of the excellent value £10 upgrade to First Class……
    A hard weeks work and Friday arrives…..board the Stockport to Manchester local train and relax on my7 minute short hop up to Piccadilly….
    Board my cram packed Edinburgh train, and head for my reserved seat……Only to find, on closer inspection, I don’t have a seat reserved for this 3.5 hour train journey. They have allocated me a seat on the 7 minute train !! ….2 hours later I finally settle into a seat!!

    Another Super Duper reason why re-nationalization can’t come quick enough !!

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