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    Flew from Atlanta to Aruba in July. Plane was full, but process was simple. Arrived to check-in, which was quick. Through security to gate and then boarded on time. You board through the second door which is behind first class section. You are entering the plane in the economy comfort section. 2×2 seating with 24 seats. Loads of room and drink before take-off. This first class by no means compares to a real international first class product, but it serves its purpose for the 3.5 hours flight to Aruba from Atlanta. I special ordered a Vegan meal ( as I am Vegan) so I was curious as to what I would get. The flight attendants asked who on board had the “vegetarian meal–no dairy” so I was glad to know that something to eat was on board. Meal was actually great, but not everything was vegan. So I ate what was and it was delicious. I drank water which the flight attendants kept bring by in abundance the whole flight. The service was excellent and the best I have ever had on a flight. As for entertainment this perticular flight had wifi as long as we were near the coast of the U.S. and had the seat back screens to provide entertainment. Loads of selection in the menus and stuff to keep you busy for the 3.5 hour flight! I flew on the plane that did not have any of this and it’s like night and day. Hope they update all 757’s with in-flight entertainment.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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