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    I have a question for the more knowledgeable members of the forum.
    On September 23rd, my incoming flight BA435 from AMS to LHR was delayed by about 43 minutes, so I missed my onward flight BA167 from LHR to TLV (departure 16:40). I was rebooked onto BA163 that departed at 22:10.
    I arrived 5 hours and 45 minutes after my original schedule. I was given a refreshment voucher at the airport but not informed of my rights.
    British Airways rejected my claim, stating that Israeli consumer law applies as I am a resident of that country.
    Is BA correct? I lodged a complaint with the Netherlands version of the CAA.



    As long as you are flying on an airline registered in the EU or on any flight departing the EU regulation 261/2004 applies REGARDLESS of the passenger’s nationality or country of residence. Don’t let BA fob you off. You are entitled to compensation unless BA are able to demonstrate that it was an act of God or other inevitable and unforseeable circumstances that led to your delay.



    Try these guys.

    They have an office in both the UK and in the Netherlands. They will handle your claim on a no cure / no pay basis. If successful they will charge you a fee, but it saves you from a lot of hassle.
    Typically, airlines will settle with them quite quickly as they have a reputation they will take them to court if necessary.



    GregoryKohll – 20/12/2015 09:51 GMT

    What was the reason for the 43 minute delay, inbound from Amsterdam?




    Thanks everyone for your help.
    The incoming flight LHR-AMS was late (I understood that is quite common).
    I will continue to pursue this as BA is giving me the runaround.



    FDOS_UK is asking the right question here. Whether you are entitled to compensation is surely dependent on the reasons for the delay inbound into LHR.

    I have not connected Intl to Intl at T5 – if this involves going through Security, was there also an issue regarding the connecting times that BA allow for these flights?



    You’re definitely entitled but as it might be a hassle doing this from TLV and BA will try and fob you off I’d do as Edski suggests and use euclaims.



    I am not sure you can say that, LP, without knowing the circumstances of the delay.



    Tom, I suggested to use EUclaim as they will assess your claim and let you know beforehand whether or not you have a chance of a succesful claim.
    They will also require more information than given by the OP so far.

    On the other hand: BA should take responsibility if they issue an itinerary that is virtually inpossible.



    Edski777, all airlines offer ‘impossible’ connections as part of their marketing – I have frequently fallen foul of this with KLM at Amsterdam and Finnair claim connecting times of as little as 35 minutes which can be incredibly tight and I have once missed my flight as a result. The normal process is to re-book the passenger on the next appropriate flight – as was the case with the poster. Compensation has never been on my agenda in these circumstances.



    If I arrived 5hr45m late at my destination as a connecting flight was delayed compensation would certainly be on my agenda.



    Just read the basics of EU261 and I’d hazard a guess that GregoryKohll would be due the following……

    A refreshment voucher and,
    As the distance from AMS to TEL is 3298 kilometers the OP should get

    400 Euro’s …Kerching : )



    As TominScotland says, minimum connecting times (MCTs) are only achievable when things run smoothly.

    Airports use them as a marketing tool to score points on rivals. Airlines go along with this because if they can offer a faster connection they get a better display in GDS systems.

    But I am puzzled as to why the reader failed to connect at LHR T5 where the MCT is as little as 60 mins if transferring with BA for int to int.

    What were the timings for BA435 last September ? Right now, BA435 is timed at 1410 ex-AMS with arrival into LHR at 14.35.

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