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    The other hand, Nfl jerseys wholesale?Newcastle, blocked because of their ground offensive the forward line header threat and very small. But also because of substitutions to reduce a striker, now ………………

    They also how to do?
    Bergkamp and Van Basten thought for a long time, did not come up with a good way to, if the change in peacetime, they are plenty of ways at this time ……………… they can only count on yourself advantage of a ball team perseverance will keep to the last.

    The court. Bayern Munich did not regain a ball breathed a sigh of relief, but rather harder, more aggressive closing down everywhere, you want to level the score as soon as possible, it also allows Newcastle is extremely passive on the court, Fraser – Foster even in the time of ten minutes. Received two teammates back pass.

    “Hey! Damned weather, so I began to worry about Newcastle!” Tone of the narrator of England are full of concern: “Newcastle performance on the pitch to be very passive, Cheap Elite jerseys?closing down opponents everywhere, they are now want the ball through the half is very difficult to fight back, and they are one of the few to be interrupted because of the opponent’s tactical foul, so Tixia Qu …………………… advantage of a ball is far from not enough ah! “

    The Magpies Fans also see critical of his team, do not look at the Newcastle defense to Barcelona gorgeous attack gave stopped the wearer. Rain, they really stopped no less than Bayern Munich header header header!

    Fortunately ……………………

    Newcastle players are very hard!

    The first minute of the second half, Schweinsteiger in a cross from the right flank by pass, Cheap nfl jerseys?he was left – Bell with their own body to be denied the sidelines. Welsh boy after the ball hit the chest, and sometimes closed his gas, lying almost two minutes up.

    The corner kick to the front ………………


    Taylor is the first time to participate in the race after his comeback, and finally began to play England striker should have strength in the struggle, and Podolski, he has two consecutive gain the upper hand, this time he a top the ball out.

    Taylor like Newcastle side of the back line high-net-like ball flew from his head, he will be stopped?Authentic nfl jerseys?Taylor’s height and rich game experience fully play out. In large part to stabilize the Newcastle the precarious ground defense, defender of the England national team. Sure enough, not ordinary people!

    Fight to the header, Taylor fell to the ground and roaring up: “Guys they die! Withstood!”

    “Well -“

    All Newcastle players to participate in the defense to have a loud response, Taylor is not the team’s captain, and even the vice-captain is not, but today, this moment, he is the Newcastle defense line only protagonist.

    Bayern Munich players?nhl jerseys china? are not stupid, seeing the team’s top scorer Podolski has three times in a row and the other tall defender Taylor Zhengding have failed, they will change their tactics.

    The ball was sent to the foot of the Thomas – Muller, Gomez’s head, but they were never able to play their role under the Newcastle defenders Si Pin, they have rarely able to come into contact with the ball, it touches Virginia Mullen and Pei Dike within each got a yellow card.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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