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    From various news sources, it seems that CX are looking to revamp their FFP form recent research they have conducted. Sources have stated that the new program will look to reward those only in the top tiers of the program, and taking away some perks of those in the lower tiers.
    They had class those in the higher tiers, their “true” loyal customers. It seems they only want to reward those travelling on business and first class, and forget about those who travel many times per year in economy.

    This comes as a bit of shock to me, as I feel being “silver” I seem to be classed as NOT true loyal customer.

    However over the past year, I have chosen to fly with CX or Dragonair over other airlines even though they are more expensive. My company travel policy only allows me to fly a maximum of premium economy on long haul flights. I also travel on many short haul routes around Asia but mainly in economy. I currently enjoy most of the perks of being part of FFP in getting access to the lounge, dedicated check in, priority baggage, priority boarding and the odd complimentary upgrade now and again. To me this enough for me and is what i would expect by being a loyal customer.

    I am now afraid the revamp will mean that I will have these current privileges taken away from me. Not the sort of treatment I would be expecting for someone who takes 30+ flights a year with the same airline.

    Anyone with similar thoughts?


    +1 dodger10 couldn’t agree with you more, which is why if they do introduce you should try and offset with a OW partner, I get full status on CX through my BAEC, I don’t use them much as they are cr*p but the status allows me all sorts of benefit in the region with MAS, CX, QR and QT and JAL so there are as they say many ways to skin the cat, and in the end it will be CX that lose out



    Agree, I’m silver as I fly for pleasure not work in most classes. The whole lounge thing being too busy, every time I’ve been there I’ve seen Chinese pax arrive about 5 hours before a flight with their 5 children running around . Maybe restrict timings to allow an hour in lounge before boarding for silver? Or create a better gold card lounge? Or a long busy lounge area. I think the moans and groans of a few diamond carders might cost CX a lot of custom. Were already paying more for sticking with them, it would be easy to switch to another OW carrier. When you take away the perks we have enjoyed people will lose loyalty……


    Why are we accepting airline’s narrative that loyalty equates to membership of the loyalty programme? As said above, there are many ways to skin a cat. The best thing about being part of an alliance is the opportunities for arbitrage. By all means you can still be loyal and fly Cathay. But if the FF programme is rubbish look elsewhere within the alliance.


    I am unsure, but I think CX have begun the changes to the program already. As I have been travelling to and from Singapore lately from HKG, I had brought 2 different prices tickets, but for both trips, I did not get any club miles or sectors accumulated to my Marco Polo membership.

    I have contacted CX via their website and awaiting some feedback.
    On looking in my account, it shows the flight sector, shows its a discounted economy, and ZERO club sectors and ZERO club miles.

    I somehow remember last year taking a flight via fanfares and I still got club sectors and miles, but just No Asia Miles.


    I that thought that perhaps an update may be useful to some
    The new web site is still far from perfect but it is functional and improving. The backend is still largely the old site and it seems to be the bit that functions well.
    The ‘Cathay’ club detail is in place and functioning. A lot more ‘sell’ than previously but some useful new hotel partners. I don’t see much change to benefits other than a few very minor changes -some say improved benefits some not.
    Finally the diamond help line is properly functional at least in HK where calls are once again promptly answered from a HK call centre. Still Im afraid often longish waits for lower tier members butg some of the family say better than a few months back. Some reward seats now becoming available again.


    I stipulated in my employment contract – first or business over 2 hours – pretty much all CX routes covered.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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