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    Seems to me, as a pretty frequent flyer around Asia, that the airlines are polarising. At one pole are the full service airlines such as SQ (other than their web site) – great service, but you pay for it. At the other are Air Asia, Jet Star and the like – you don’t pay much and you don’t get much.

    I flew CX HK to Singapore during the week, they seem stuck in the middle of the cost service game. Their fares are only marginally lower than SQ and their service is only marginally better than say JetStar. Old planes, frumpy cabin crew and decidedly average meal ( I’m sorry I mean “refreshment” ) raise an obvious question; why fly CX at all? If you want service go SQ, if you want to save go JetStar, want neither go CX. CX is further disadvantage by their ridiculous “coffin class” seating in business and their difficulty in getting planes away on time (last three flights with them have been late).

    For me the most fitting tag line for CX is something like “Cathay Pacific – Is there another way?”. At least that is what I ask my secretary.


    Cathay offers good frequency on this route and that matters a lot to business travellers! Not to mention connectivity to places beyond.


    Sounds like the same discussion as BA Vs Lcc for EU flights. I class Sng to HKG as a short haul flight. my last flight on this leg was with jetstar and it was just about bearable in terms of comfort, i fle as it was 75% cheaper than cathay


    Not quite!

    Most of the legacy airlines in Asia offer HIGHER QUALITY SERVICE in all classes than the European ones and even LCC such as Jetstar offer pre-assigned seats and a far cry from the mad scramble for boarding the planes for the likes of Easyjet and Ryanair!!!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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