Cutting-edge luggage – what innovations would you like to experience?

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    Dear readers

    We are running an article on high-tech luggage innovations and would like your feedback.

    What would be your perfect suitcase?

    What are your thoughts on bags/suitcases with the following innovations? Would you invest in any of them?

    Solar panel for charging devices

    Luggage tracking tags (in case of loss after airline check-in)

    Bags/wallets with built-in RFID protection for protecting information stored on contactless payment cards/biometric passports

    Biometric locks that respond only to your fingerprint

    Bags with unique ID codes that meant you could register them online (in case of loss they could be returned more easily)

    Jackets specially designed with dozens of pockets to cut down on the amount you need to pack in a single carry-on bag (in the case of budget airlines)

    Cases made with super-light/indestructible materials

    Have you come across any bags/cases that you have been particularly impressed with?


    “Have you come across any bags/cases that you have been particularly impressed with?”

    – cabin luggage, that sometimes needs checking in, Rimowa Salsa, light, durable and a good shape with adequate capacity.

    – checked in, Roncato (Italy) super light polypropelene, all fittings easily replaceable and a shell that is extremely durable.

    Edited to add, this is the Roncato range I find impressive

    I bought a medium sized (70 litre) in October 2011 and was sceptical as the cost was less than half of a similar Samsonite or Delsey, but the Maltese dealer strongly recommended it.

    To cut a long story short, the case has done some gruelling trips and has been battered more than most by the baggage handlers, but all the fittings are very easy to replace, literally bolting on and off and replacement parts are resonably priced, meaning that I have replaced the handle (damaged by baggage handlers), a secondary lock (ditto) and the main lock (broken by the TSA, despite the case having a TSA lock fitted.)

    All repairs have been completed within a week by the dealer, meaning that the case is still in great condition, even after about 30 trips and it is easy to self maintain, e.g. tightening the wheels every now and again, to keep the rolling effect smooth.

    The polyprop shell has takent he usual scrapes and knocks, but is in great shape and the seals are all still effective.

    I can’t attest for other Roncato ranges, but this one is a winner for me.

    PS: the weight is not really 4040kgs per the webpage :-), my scales say 3.8kg, not bad for a rigid, tough, case.


    The only thing I wish for a suitcase is a very light one. I use Samsonite and Delsey, both of these are about 6kg. I will take FDOS recommendation and buy a Roncato suitcase.
    Also the suitcase must be waterproof. Even my high end Samsonite is not waterproof at the side.
    On cabin trolley, I want at least a combination lock. Once I saw a very good looking Victronix in a duty free shop and bought on impulse without too much checking, later realized that it does not have a combination lock. For a $250 trolley bag, that is a bit silly design.


    The holy grail of modular or size transforming luggage

    anything that can survive bag handlers and TSA baffons

    point 1 is achieavable, point 2 if harder than inventing time travel!


    Indestructible zips !!

    And a case that has a wee compartment for transporting perishables (legal of course)

    And an intelligent auto voice recognition built in to the case…if it senses danger from a careless baggage handler/TSA buffoon or a Jo-burg thieve……it shrills out a high pitched command at the offending person !

    Ala Charlton Heston in Planet of the Apes

    ” Take your stinking paws off me, you damn dirty ape!”


    How about a piece of hand luggage that you could unzip the top off in full which then works as a tablet. This way you wouldn’t need a laptop bag and hand luggage separately? Obviously need proper design work / covering / protection of the screen? There may even be similar products out there at the moment. Having done zero research on it maybe there already are?


    Take a look at gate8 luggage. They have a product which is exactly as you describe.


    There goes my career as a luggage designer!


    GPS surveillance on checked luggage, with a partnering mobile app.

    In the off chance the airline misplace your luggage you can just log into the android/ios app which will automatically show you the location of your bag.

    The app should also be able to show the next flight from your bags’ location to your current location. You are then able to contact the airline , informing them that your bag is located at such/such airport, and that you expect it to be back onto the next flight back.

    May be going off the deep end here but I think it could be massive.


    echo conshaldow’s idea….
    have an old American Traveller that’s now seen better days, but is still functional.
    Maybe off track slightly, but how about all manufacturers getting together and making the carry on, all the same size, that fits into the guideline basket, then airlines could make holds to suit.


    I am very interested in this app

    ..and whether it can be built into luggage. A the moment it is only for iPhone.

    I have just bought a new case – bright ORANGE – never miss it on the belt. Why are so many cases designed in black?


    Tumi luggage has a barcode. It can be registered with Tumi and then if lost the airline should contact to Tumi to get details to return to owner.

    I have a Tumi bag, but has not got lost so far. Have to admit, that I am sceptical as to whether all the airline staff would know this and if it actually works.

    I do like Tumi luggage anyway.


    How about a Suitcase with space on the top for Laptop/Multi-Purpose attachment that can be removed from the hollow enclosure when needed and then fitted back in once the work is done. I guess this hollow enclosure can also be on a Carry On?

    This means that at Security, you just remove the entire laptop case from the enclosure and then fit it back once you clear the checkpoint.

    Avoids the need to carry 2 bags ( 1 for the Laptop/Documents and 1 for the clothes )..


    Does anyone have any experience with RIMOWA bags. I have been recommended to this brand but would prefer some feedback from here before I invest.

    Many thanks

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