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    Had the pleasure recently of travelling on the 1045 Reading to Birmingham New Street service. The luggage space provision is dreadful. There was only one space and it was full. As a result I had to put my large suitcase on the seat next to me.

    Fully expecting to be told off when the ticket checker came round, it was ignored, so is probably a regular occurrence. A lot of passengers were coming through from other carriages complaining about the same problem. There’s more space on my local London Midland service!



    Whilst I have seen some horrendously busy cross country trains, I have always been lucky. The 1st class advance fares are cheap and the HST’s seem to have loads of room. Having said that, I did get a Voyager the other day and I was struggling for space for a small suit case in first. However I was impressed that they still had first class attendants at a weekend and the lady was proactive and left all tables with mini cans of soft drinks, water, crisps and biscuits and continually topped up – she could not have been more friendly. A far better service than Great Western Railways!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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