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  • MartynSinclair

    or the business owners who refuse to enforce laws…

    Just to reinforce this point, i am not talking about the small business shop owners who refuse to enforce the law.

    The large multi nationals, FTSE 100 companies, London Transport, even places of worship – all have signs about wearing masks, ALL appear to continue to refuse to enforce what is now the law in the UK.

    Pity HMRC still insist on collecting taxes…


    Must say going through London a couple of weeks back I was surprised how many people were not wearing masks of gad them under chins, off noses etc. Including by railway and TfL staff.

    For many employees I guess the risks of confrontation are too high and they don’t want to get involved. Police claim to be too busy to get involved, or perhaps the offenders just didn’t have the right racial profile to justify being tackled?

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    Yes Simon your suspicions are correct, the list is not in fact a purely Dutch list, it is the EU list which was prepared as an exemption from the total ban on non essential travel (and much essential) from outside the EU. It was the product of the usual horse trading and was whittled down from a much larger one to include a few compromises:
    a) someone from each part of the globe (ie Uruguay from South America)
    b) a non Russian supporting part of Eastern Europe (georgia)
    c) some favourite neighbours (Serbia was included at Hungarys request but only lasted a few days when it was clear their statistics and testing were abysmal)
    d) a few favoured ex colonies (why else Rwanda and Tunisia)
    e) some genuinely low case number trading partners (Canada, Japan, S Korea, Australia & New Zealand)
    f) China which was blocked by France until such time as they gave reciprocity
    Incidentally Morocco is not on the list at present and I dont think it ever was.

    In other words just as big a shambles as we see elsewhere.

    Of course since health is not an EU matter, not all countries have implemented the full list and since Finland and the Baltics have restrictions on Dutch visitors there is a reciprocal 14 day quarantine in place for them despite very low rates of infection.

    It almost makes the UK policy seem sensible

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    I must confess I was quite impressed with the sign in a restaurant which said “If you are coming in to eat here, welcome. Please make sure that you wear a mask until you are sat down at your table, and at all times when you leave the table. If you are unable to wear a mask for health reasons, please consider if it is wise to visit a restaurant during a global pandemic when you are unable to take the recommended health precautions. if you are pretending you have health reasons for not wearing a mask, please do not enter- we do not want your business”.

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    If you think we are hard done by in the UK, you may find this article ‘frightening’. It describes one man’s journey from Bangkok to Amsterdam and then back to Thailand, purely to renew his Visa to be able to legally remain in Thailand with his wife and family.

    Sure there may have been other ways, but it is quite extraordinary, the lengths that some countries are going with their strategy of controlling Covid 19. I am not suggesting they are right or wrong or discussing the effects on the Thai economy. I wonder if the Thai’s think the virtual open border’s and unenforced self isolation we have in the UK, is as extreme as we believe the Thai way of closed borders and strict quarantine is also extreme…


    LuganoPirate wrote:
    or the business owners who refuse to enforce laws…

    As I mentioned in a previous thread the process arduous and frankly not worth doing if you have to do it monthly hence why we are leaving!

Viewing 6 posts - 31 through 36 (of 36 total)
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