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    Can anyone advise what the average amount of km’s,sectors or cash spent per year would make a company eligable for an Airline account?

    Also, are they actually worth having?



    I have known people with as little as £100,000 per annum be eligible for a corporate deal with BA, but these are exceptional and usually seen in the case of startups where there might be future business oppos for BA. It usually takes more moolah than that.

    The onbusiness scheme is worth exploring if you’re a small corporate:

    And is especially valuable to join if you/colleagues have a series of longhaul flights as you get new joiner bonuses.

    Using the onbusiness Amex for all BA purchases entitles you to a 50% bonus onbusiness points and makes this scheme very compelling proposition indeed:



    Thanks VK, I wonder what the benifits of a corporate account would be, not just with BA but other airlines




    Dnno about BA, but with another airline

    1) access to the head of corporate sales when necessary (not very often)
    2) tickets way more flexible than the public can buy (note on the downside, EU261/2004 does not apply for this reason)
    3) great service, as you know the people you are dealing with ticket pricing at contractual rates for the year
    4) if things go wrong, they look after you

    That’s my experience.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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