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    All…….well all who care.

    With much regret I need to consign the handle Binman62 to history.

    Unfortunately and due to my own foolishness, my identity has been compromised and comments made here have been accurately attributed to me elsewhere.

    Whilst I have always used handles, my account details name, address and telephone numbers are accurate here and on other forums.

    BT are aware of the issue and I can assure you they are not responsible, it was my own doing as I simply (perhaps naively) had not considered how closely such forums are monitored.

    I will come back in a different guise at a later date but for now time to take a break. The last 4 and bit years and almost 1900 post have been fun and I will continue to read and enjoy BT.

    Thanks to you all for the advice, insight, commentary and criticism.


    Good morning Binman62

    I for one am disappointed to read this. You must feel extremely vulnerable to take this action and I am sorry this has happened to you.

    It does make one stop and think. We should all be very careful when posting online.

    For what it’s worth I will miss you. 🙂 Especially your Avios tales! 😉 :-)))

    Wishing you the best Binman!


    Sorry to hear that Binman. Have enjoyed your posts and occasional disagreements. Enjoyed your horn clashing with VK over Avios redemption.

    All the very best


    Thank you for your honesty Binman62. I too have enjoyed your comments and posts. What stands out the most for me is you never took the bait when your were critisized for your own critique of BA.

    From a personal point of view (and I really dont see why we cant make personal posts) I really hope the removal of the regulars that is currently happening stops. This is a great community, people should NOT be leaving for the reasons currently being stated.

    Goodbye Binman62 – thanks for all your help and comments in over the past few years….


    You will be a great loss to the forum Binman. Your posts have been always been candid and factual, reflecting reality on the ground and in the air. A genuine, principled business traveller with broad experience and insights.

    One hopes especially as your posts are an honest, true reflection, without embellishment, of the situations you have experienced that there will be negligible comeback from being compromised.

    Many of us will look forward to you re-joining the forum and enjoying the unvarnished, trustworthy posts from the veritable globe trotter that you undoubtedly are, once again.


    Binman62, good luck & farewell ! Your contributions have been useful, so it will be great when you return.

    Whilst you say your identity has been compromised, is there anything other contributors should be aware of, in respect of this matter ?


    Hey Binman

    Haste ye back!



    I agree with the comments already made. I think it is a pity we lose valuable contributors.
    However, I can understand the reticence to continue if one´s identity has been compromised. I, personally , do not mind my name being known but what does concern me is identity robbery – that is why I, and I imagine others, prefer to use “handles”.
    Anyway as you say you are returning, “all´s well that ends well” . Let´s hope we hear from you in the not too distant future.


    Due to a raft of old threads being resurrected with belated contrived comment, this new thread was bumped from the lead page. As Binman was such a highly regarded poster of long standing, it may be of interest to Monday morning returning posters.


    Binman – sad to see you go (tend not to post that much at weekends, so just catching up now …). Trust you will continue to read threads even if you don’t comment. Hope that doesn’t raise the blood pressure too much.

    Wish you the best and hope to see you back on here (in a different guise) at some point soon.


    I will also add my voice to all the other comments about your departure Binman..

    … Sad to see another respected contributor departing, although as AOTG said……

    Haste ye back…..

    And cheers Bigdog for bringing it to the attention of the Monday returning brigade

    Hello Binman

    It’s good to know you will come back.

    This is the only forum I contribute to and I too have been foolish and posted my e-mail address, resulting in an inundation of alternative junk. Having said that, it was a pleasure to help out Martyn.

    Hasta luego!


    Thank you BigDog for bringing this to my attention.
    Very sorry to hear of your departure Binman, I do hope you continue to check out the forum even if you do not contribute for a while.


    And I echo the comments of all the other posters on this thread. Hopefully, it won’t be long!

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 16 total)
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