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    Does anyone know what arrangements BA has for connecting at LCY? Do you have to go landside and then back through security?

    I am thinking about flying from EDI to AGP via LCY, but notice that the connections are quite tight, in fact even had a 30 minute connection.



    Same situation here, I have a ticket EDI-LCY-BCN with 30 minutes layover, is it doable? I was considering to change to an earlier flight exEDI but 6.30 AM seems very early :s



    I recently (last month) travelled GLA – LCY – PMI and had to go out and come back through security. While this was quick, it was all the more annoying as it was the same aircraft! My connection time was 35 mins, but as anyone who has used LCY knows the security checkin process takes less than 10 minutes usually. Interestingly I did ask the ground crew at GLA what the score @ LCY was and I was misinfomred that I could transit … no such luck. Enjoy Spain!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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