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    I am due to fly BA First in two weeks and while I’ve done this before as an IVU, I’ve never used the Concorde Room.

    As I’ll be travelling with the CO, has anyone got any hints or tips about using it. Is it worth the effort? Do you still access it by turning right after security or no? And is the food good enough to worth delay our dinner for (we’re on a late evening flight anyway) or no? We’ve got spa treatments booked, but any other help would be gratefully received!

    Thanks in advance.



    Personally, I would use it for the experience but manage your expectations. If it is heaving and the F lounge is empty, I know which I would choose.



    If you have never been in before I suspect you will enjoy the experience but the Ritz it ain’t, so don’t expect the world.



    Book a Cabana before your travel. Nice for the privacy and quiet. A private shower and private service.

    Hope your flight is from T5, otherwise you will be using the Dakota Room in T3!!!



    Underwhelming is the way I would describe the CC room (especially if compared with, say, LH 1st room in FRA).
    Breakfast is very good though, with excellent waiter service but the lounge itself is getting a little shabby.
    I have also found that trying to book a cabana is somewhat of a ‘challenge’ unless you book weeks in advance.
    I have never sampled the wines/fizz on offer so can’t comment on the quality.



    I would describe the wines and champagnes as good but unremarkable. Certainly not something that makes you think “wow”. But you won’t be disappointed. Good luck with the loos, which are falling to bits.



    I experienced the CCR in JFK for the first time yesterday.

    Very impressed. Nothing overly flashy but solid service and a nice location.

    CCR in T5 on arrival was fine also. Decent breakfast.



    Yes to turning right after security. I prefer to sit on the terrace of CCR, quieter and feels quite special. Food is a bit hit and miss…..if they’re still serving the gastly pepper steak, avoid at all costs. Service is friendly and definitely more serving staff per passenger than in First/Gold lounge and staff in CCR seem less rattled.

    The loos are looking a bit worn and while the spa is ok, you only get mini treatments so don’t expect a full facial or massage. Plus, you can only do one mini treatment unless you take your flying companions slot……I was never forgiven for this by my other half!

    The champagne is better than First/Gold lounge and bar area is quite swish.

    Enjoy for what it is but it’s not the best out there which is disappointing when it wouldn’t take that much to make it really special.



    goldaviator – 18/10/2015 23:11 BST

    “Enjoy for what it is but it’s not the best out there which is disappointing when it wouldn’t take that much to make it really special.”

    Don’t you think it is well matched to BA’s F product, though?



    Ok brilliant, many thanks to all. Looks like ‘expectation management’ might be on the cards then!

    Thanks goldaviator, I’ll give the terrace a try as I suspect we’ll be too late for a cabana.



    FDOS_UK – 19/10/2015 09:49 BST

    Exactly! BA’s First is dependable but hardly exciting and falls short of the excellence that some other carriers deliver. Same applies to the Concorde lounge. It’s dependable but hardly wows and like the onboard First product could be so much better.



    Had my first visit to the CCR at end of August. I wasn’t expecting Emirates’ bling or Virgin’s razzmatazz however I was left feeling distinctly underwhelmed.
    Yes it looked clean & elegant enough, perhaps a little frayed on some edges but nothing shocking however I found the service from the staff to be beyond abysmal – it was NON-EXISTANT.

    Unless we had walked up to someone and asked them directly then we’d have been simply walked past for about 2 hours without a single drink or food item offered. They were perfectly polite when asked for something but not one time were either of us pro-actively approached, and I can assure you we weren’t tucked away in some corner.

    It was a most bizarre experience, the like of which I’ve never had & wouldn’t accept if I was walking into a bar or restaurant – yet it seemed the norm. It certainly took the shine off the experience & made me feel I’d much rather just wander up to a self-service bar or buffet counter knowing I’d get what I wanted when I wanted it.



    Whilst the serving staff in the CCR are not direct BA employees we have the same issue with inconsistent standards; on my last visit to the CCR last month I actually gave a tip as we had been so well looked after.



    Kettle chips and decent shampoo what else do you need?

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