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    It is now 10 years since the last commercial flight.

    The DT recalls one of our greatest aviation successes.

    There are many fond recollections, any you can share?…

    Unfortunately it will not fly again says BA…..

    Apparently it is a myth that Concorde lost money, indeed it made over £500m net profit over its lifetime.


    The unique experience for me was as one of 100 lucky raffle prize winners on a very short Concorde positioning flight from Gatwick to Heathrow.

    Prior to take off the Captain informed us that the acceleration of take off would be matched by sudden deceleration at about 5000 ft in readiness to join the approach for Heathrow.

    What he did not say was that as well as pulling back the throttles he would also level off at the same time. With such a high powered aircraft and such a low weight (minimum fuel) a simultaneous throttle back and levelling off meant that the whole cabin became weightless for about 3 seconds.

    An amazing experience which I don’t expect to experience again!


    A glass of Pol CSWC at 58,000 feet was a pretty memorable event.


    I only used Concorde once going to JFK and back…the whole eperience, from lounge to flight, catering, service..everything was ind of glamorous.
    Certainly dfferent from any other flight nowadays.

    And for many people it was an expensice, though pricey, business tool.


    In pictures,

    the Hadley Page Hp115 delta wing research plane could come straight out of Thunderbirds.


    6 round trips to JFK and IAD and it was always very special if prone to technical issues.
    I read the article that said it made money and I have no doubt it did. That said I also had no issue with its grounding on economic grounds and it is clear that 10 years on it simply would not be flying in the current economic environment.

    What always disturbed me was the manner in which the airframes were vandalised by BA,AF and Airbus to ensure that the aircraft never flew again. It was a shameful act. The aircraft may not have been viable commercially but they could have had a limited but very bright future as national emblems of what was undoubtedly a superb technical achievement. In stead they have been allowed to rot in far flung corners of the globe. Perhaps the saddest sight was the picture of the airframe with its wings cut off being sailed past the Houses of Parliament.


    More fanciful than wishful thinking, yet one can hope…


    If Spike Aerospace launch the holy grail, I feel sure the FAA will change the rules for the benefit of an American company…

    If the jet could be sold for £48 million a piece it will sell. The G650 cost around that price fully kitted out and there is a waiting list for that aircraft..


    Apart from having my breakfast prepared for me to order, and the Captain announcing our departure in the lounge, I can only remember the left turn after take off which took me unawares (too much champers!), I’m not sure I remember too much until falling into a taxi at LHR at which point the price of the taxi sobered me up instantly and made the airfare seem positively reasonable! Wish I could do it all again.



    I predict the only time one will fly again, is if suspended beneath a large helicopter.


    Seemingly, according to the Telegraph, ‘Club Concorde’ have access to over £120m in funding.

    So, why not simply build a new one?


    Much as I would love to see it £120m wouldn’t get you close.

    The engines would account for most of that before you even thing about the plane, avionics, testing.

    I just assumed it was a slow news day. FDOS will remember our little friend Krug used to come up with these stories every now and then.


    Could the group find anyone to underwrite an insurance policy for the aircraft and passengers?

    Money could be far better spent / invested elsewhere…

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 28 total)
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