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    Martyn – this “dispute” between us is not going anywhere. I was careful to write initially “Simple, straightforward and acceptable across Israel.”. I never mentioned international travel. In reply you wrote “If vaccine passports are going to have international credibility, to help re open travel, it will need more than the Israeli’s producing a barcoded document, that most of the world will sadly not recognize.”

    I responded by highlighting that those last 8 words was speculation – you have no way of knowing this. Others have come in to mention what is happening with other documents.

    Swissdiver responded to your initial comments about my post “Looks good, and will work domestically (single authority). The challenge will be to find a form of this acceptable internationally. And I guess this means WHO, as it is the case for the yellow fever” . You will see that I thanked him for this posting (ie agreed) before you responded again.

    Your comments at 2207 (#1092786) are indeed probably true, in my opinion, but do not negate what I wrote.


    @MartynSinclair. We are a way off still any passport having value for unrestricted travel. First the vaccine is not completely protective. As the recent analysis of the Israeli vaccination programme has shown, the Pfizer vaccine is 94% effective meaning 6% of those who have had it are still vulnerable to catching COVID. The second is we are still waiting for clarification of whether it reduces the symptoms when you get COVID or prevents you catching it. Until the latter is known to be the case, the vaccinated could be potential infectors similar to the current asymptomats – no symptoms but infectious. HTH.


    Martyn – this “dispute” between us

    Never .. 🙂

    We must stop and say hello next time we walk past each other by the petrol station 🙂

    My point was the roll out of the Israeli vaccine passport does not really have any more use than the bit of cardboard we get in the UK, when we are vaccinated. It of course SHOULD HAVE, but the world needs to work a bit harder first……


    I think just as with the vaccine rollout then any global recognised passport will end up being mired with politics such that it will be impossible. you only have to look at the EU/UK/Can/Astra fiasco, are western countries going to recognise russian or chinese , or passports coming out of very corrupt countries. I suspect it will be individual countries stating what vaccines they accept and from where and nothing will happen until countries have passed at least the 50% vaccination internally.

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Viewing 4 posts - 76 through 79 (of 79 total)
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