Collecting luggage when not using all sectors of flight

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    I am sure this has been mentioned before but can´t find it. I am planning to fly J MIA-FRA via MAD. I have chosen this route as it is 40% cheaper than flying straight to MAD but I don´t need the FRA sector. My plan is to get off in MAD, but I will have a suitcase. Will IB let me get my luggage at MAD if I say I need it due to a layover of 6 hours? Thanks


    In my view you can absolutely do that as long you check it in to Madrid… That said, if you are about to book a return trip, then you’d have a problem with the return that could be cancelled by IB.


    I seem to remember in the recent past that a passenger was threatened with fraud for doing just that. Whether the airline brought it to that and took action I dont know. But, if it is noticed that you did not travel the second sector, to avoid the higher fare, they are permitted to make a fare adjusment on your credit card. It is in the rules.


    It is actually the last sector as I am flying FRA-LHR-MIA-MAD-FRA and I have booked with an agent, flights are a mixture of BA and IB. That being said, I need to book a domestic IB flight to continue my journey from MAD. A little nervous but am saving EUR 1200,00 doing it this way.


    I made it a number of time with AQJ but was making a stop in AMM. If you have a connecting flight though with IB on the same day, your travel agent might well receive a message from IB… Now you can book the ticket above with a longer stop over in MAD (a stop up to 23h59 should not change your flight price). This should be OK…


    I’ve done this on various routes with BA, LH, LX, KLM and AF and never had a problem or had to pay more money. I’ve just checked my bags (when I had baggage) and told the agent I’m getting off in LHR, ZRH etc and not using the last part. Never been a problem or had any questioning by the check-in staff.

    Just recently a friend booked MXP-ZRH-JNB-ZRH-MXP for a flight in January and her agent actually suggested this as she needs to get off in ZRH on the return.


    About 5 years ago I had the following itinerary:
    OSL – ARN – ORD – SAN – SFO -MUC – OSL.

    SAN being the destination.

    With the intent to halt my return in MUC.

    I booked this direct with SK and I asked specificially about stopping in MUC on the return leg.

    The SK agent insured me that this would be no problem.

    Upon checking in at SFO, the clerk at the LH checkin counter refused blankly to let me have my luggage in MUC but check it in through to OSL.I even had Eurobonus Gold at that time.

    I ended up ditching my original ticket for a one way ticket to MUC (which cost a fortune), and since that very day I have avoided LH whenever possible.

    It belongs to the story that I complained to SK, although I had no evidence but my honest word, they reimbursed me in full.Kudos to them for this.


    @RoadKing: this is why, when playing that game, it is important that between the intended final destination and the ticketed one, there is a delay justifying the luggage, preferably with a night in between…

    That said, totally agree with the idea of just avoiding LH and FRA!


    I have done this when flying VS to Cape Town.
    Upper Class from LHR is around £3,600 at present, but starting from Amsterdam with KLM C connecting each side, the total is £1,950 (and Z Class VS)!
    Quite a saving, especially when there are 2 of you paying for a holiday for eg.
    I have chosen not to take the final sector flight, and said i wanted to check the luggage through part way. There it has not been a problem when checking in. I have also said that i trust the individual airlines, but not LHR or the “Connections” pathway at LHR, so always prefer to physically take my bags and re-check them in with each Airline. This has always been understood and respected.

    Whilst sometimes it is more economical to buy a return to Europe than a single, The Airline does have the right to re-charge you for the itinerary you have used, not just played with the system.
    You can always argue you changed yr mind or had personal or business reasons not to take the latter flight, or were delayed longer than expected for your own reasons.

    By booking a connection with a longer period of time, (2 hours is obvious, but 6 hrs is not). KLM allow 24 hrs via Amsterdam without repeated airport charges or stopover fares.

    I think as the odd ploy, it is ok, but if seen to be a regular issue not so sure.
    I have seen KLM charge people when they do not take a final sector, as the fare applies to another country, and out comes the rule book on marketing and price variations, that must be applicable to the actual flown route, and technically you change your ticket!

    I am sure as a one off, you will be fine, but it would have to be your last sector only.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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