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  • PatJordan

    Clubroom Lounge Birmingham International Airport.

    On a recent visit to BHX, I made my way to the No 1 Lounge which is the designated lounge for Aer Lingus Aer Club passengers. At the reception desk, I was offered the opportunity to upgrade to the newly opened Clubroom Lounge, located adjacent to the departure gates normally used by Aer Lingus. This lounge also had it’s own toilet facilities and for an additional £6 it was in my opinion was a veritable bargain.
    Having paid the fee, I was given a handwritten note to present to the staff at the Clubroom Lounge where I was very warmly welcomed. I was shown a flight information screen located close to the entrance.

    The lounge is very nice, and was recently featured in Business Traveller:

    No1 Lounges opens Clubrooms at Birmingham airport

    The décor and seating are of a very high standard and there is a relaxing feel to the lounge as soon as one enters.

    I was handed food and drink menus, and took a seat at a very nicely presented dining table where I found nice cutlery and napery. I ordered white bean soup and an all day breakfast from the menu, with a glass of sparkling wine to wash it down.

    The soup was beautifully presented in a large dish with a bread stick and was delicious. The breakfast was equally well presented (particularly the poached egg) and very nice indeed.
    After eating, I settled in to a comfortable armchair beside a (much needed!) charging point for my phone and spent the remainder of my time reading.
    The lounge staff are incredibly friendly and at no time was my glass empty. In addition, I was asked whether I would like anything further to eat. Having enjoyed the all day breakfast so much, and given that it was early evening, I asked if I could have another one. Of course you can was the response, and in truth I got the distinct impression that had I wanted to indulge in even more food, this would have been served in an equally pleasant manner! I was also reminded of the selection of small and delectable desserts on a stand.
    The toilets are small but very nice, and offer L’Occitane toiletries
    On entering the Clubroom lounge, I was immediately struck by the sumptuous feel of the décor and furnishings. The staff were particularly welcoming and helpful: at no time did I have to call somebody to replenish my drink. The quality (and indeed quality) of the food is excellent.
    For Aer Lingus passengers, this lounge is literally a few steps away from the departure gates.
    I thoroughly enjoyed my stay in the Clubroom Birmingham, and highly recommend a visit!

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    Interesting and good review Pat

    Last autumn, me and a group of my pals used the No1 lounge at EDI ( at the time located in the old BA Galleries lounge) before heading to Bilbao for a football weekend.
    We arrived in trickles, but were refused entry until the exact time stated on the email. We weren’t trying to take the proverbial, it was just that security was quicker than usual.

    The lass at the desk was clearly having a bad day because when I pointed out that the person who had booked our entry time hadn’t taken into account the gate closure time against the departure time she responded that they decide the time spent. When I suggested No1 change their advertising from 3 to 2.5 hours she shrugged her shoulders and told us to come back in 8 minutes.

    Once in ,the staff were generally good, and the barman ,although young, wouldn’t have been out of place back in the day when bartending was considered a trade to be mastered.

    Our chosen meals were tasty, sadly the portion police were evident,and you only got your entitlement.

    Bizarrely, more than quite a few people including my group asked for the telly to be changed to the Scotland game at Murrayfield. Rather than the BBC News channel. This was refused, consequently the lounge became awash with the same commentary, but at annoyingly delayed times,dependent on when people logged into their laptops. Since none of us had a laptop, it meant diverting through the airport bar whenever we needed the loo.

    IMO, if they had adopted a bit of common sense,they wouldn’t have come across as being stuffy and pretentious. It felt like being in a library to be honest

    Was it worth the money, well yes, because if I had the same drinks and a snack in one of the airport bars I’d have spent more.
    Having said that ,I was drinking probably the best red wine I’ve encountered. Ironically it was from where we where flying to. Called Ramon Bilbao Reserve, I’d highly recommend it.

    Was it value for money, definitely not. I’d rather turn up closer to departure time ,have a couple of over priced beers and fly away.


    Hi Canucklad

    One reason why places might not change the channel from the BBC news channel is that I understand it is the only channel that can be shown in a public space for free. If an establishment wants to show any other channel then they have fees to pay (I have no idea how pricey they are – but one of my old neighbours worked for one of the firms that sorts this).

    I’m sure a quick whip round could have sorted the fee for 1 day if you were wanting to catch the game in the lounge 😉


    Haven’t used the Clubroom lounge at BHX yet, but passed it a few times en route to the gates, I got the impression that it was a bit of a goldfish bowl if sat near the windows separating it from the boarding gates, maybe this was intended to try to tempt more pax inside?.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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