Club World layout on new BA A380 aircraft

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    Has anyone seen any information on the Club World seating layout for the new A380 aircraft BA are introducing from 2013?

    Currently the Club World layout seats eight passengers across on wide bodied planes but I notice competitors such as Singapore and Emirates only have four seats across and Quantas, Air France and Lufthansa have six seats. All seats are forward facing.

    Will this mean a total redesign for Club World and maybe the withdrawal of the front/back facing idea?


    The ying/yang layout isn’t really comparable with other types of forward facing seating.

    It allows width around the shoulders – where you need it – and tapers at the feet.

    It’s higher density, but does allow BA to provide enough seats on routes which have high demand, while maintaining personal space.

    I can’t see BA’s ying/yang concept disappearing, as they have it patented.


    From what I read on other sites, and earlier posts, I thought that there would only be minimal changes to CW. Bigger screen size, perhaps slightly larger but only very slightly. Remember the 747 cabin is 6.1m wide while A380 is close to 6.6m wide.


    …though to be fair I think the ceilings are lower, or at least the wall curve is greater; perhaps scope for more side bins, which would be great if on the Upper Deck (I’ve only flown on AF in the Upper Deck, and that was at the front so not much frame of reference).

    I hope the IFE supports HD and the sound is improved; until then I’ll continue to bring my own entertainment, or use the iPads in F.


    30 CW seats on the lower deck 60 on the upper.


    NCW layout on the Upper Deck will be 2 – 3 – 2, Lower 2 – 4 – 2

    total seating capacity 469 14F 90J and WT+? WT?

    Sorry, about the lack of figures for WT and WT+, will do my best to find the schematics i had on the jet.

    G-XLEA will be arriving in Q4 of 2013 and not Q1, and nice to see that it has a relatively low seating density compared to other operators.


    Wasted opportunity for a broader update and improvement on the A380. Shame.


    I’m pleased they’re not changing the layout, and sticking with ying/yang and the privacy that provides.

    I’d like to see:

    1. a quieter motor for the “privacy screen”
    2. improved IFE screen quality to HD and larger size
    3. USB port
    4. slightly longer footrest for those who are tall
    5. a special holder for specs

    ..apart from that I don’t think much needs changing.


    ……and a water bottle holder.

    There is so little storage space on all but the upstairs window seats. The downstairs doubles are a farce, trying to sleep with a totally unknown person snoring a few inches from your face. This is made even worse on the 777s with the constant slamming of cupboard doors by the crew…both the cupboards in the galley and the the galley cupboards that are actually in the J cabin. BA really squashes the Club passengers in with 8 abreast compared to every other long haul operator at 6 abreast in business class.

    BA surely cannot bring that high density onto the A380.


    I actually like the personal space in CW but my three wishes would be:

    – More legroom, if you’re over 6’4 then the seats are uncomfortable and many competitors seats are now 6’7/6’8 when fully extended

    – Bigger TV screen with USB connection and HD would make a real difference. The CX offering is one of the better ones out there

    – Water bottle holder, its so annoying not having somewhere to put the water bottle!


    ..apart from that I don’t think much needs changing……

    Well if that is the case then it will simply speed BA’s decline.

    Anyone making such a statement cannot have experienced other carriers products. CX is light years ahead, QF also and even AA is making changes. JAL ANA and almost every major carrier is moving to more spacious personalised service.

    BA in comparison is cramped, looks poor, provides too little personal space and service is very mixed. BA first is currently providing a little more space than many airlines business products.

    In my view only a wholesale ditching of both new First and club world in their current formats will reverse the drift to the competition.


    I took a CW flight last night on a 767 and it is starting to become every dated. In years gone by, it was a world beater, but now it is just cramped. Also, I don’t like having to mountaineer over others to get out of my seat.

    Staggered or herringbone gives everyone an unimpeded aisle and that is the most important factor for me.

    Also, CW (old or new) is not good for taller people.


    I did ask about a water bottle holder when I was first shown the seat; has always seemed to be an oversight.

    However, I find the bottles wedge perfectly on the inside armrest in the gap between the centre partition and the seat-side, which solves the problem.

    I’ve only ever flown on the Upper Deck or in an aisle access or bulkhead 777 seat when travelling for work, and honestly I couldn’t be happier with the hard product, especially when the ground product is taken into account.

    Plenty of space at the shoulders and an airy cabin.

    The stepping over of the footrest is hardly mountaineering, and especially so for taller people. The hyperbole from the usual suspects is the only thing scaling new heights here.

    Well over 50% of seats have direct aisle access, and I’d imagine most posters here travel frequently enough either to have a Silver/Gold card allowing pre-allocation, or would know how to pre-select seats in advance (either paid or free at check-in) if indeed the stepping over of others is an issue for them.

    Herringbone is not a pleasant layout and I much prefer the ying/yang, which gives the flexibility to have privacy with the screen up, or to speak to your travelling companion if you prefer to do so with the screen down.


    Why do you try try to defend indefensible points, VIntage Krug?

    – The stepping over of the footrest is hardly mountaineering, and especially so for taller people. Ask a petite lady, they do tell me that some husbands do let their wives fly alone these days.

    -Well over 50% of seats have direct aisle access. Meaning that a very substantial amount do not.

    – I’d imagine most posters here travel frequently enough either to have a Silver/Gold card allowing pre-allocation, or would know how to pre-select seats in advance (either paid or free at check-in). What about people who book late on business (or leisure) and get stuck with what’s left?

    Staggered gives everyone an aisle, so does herringbone, they are in my opinion superior.

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