Club Europe food: LHR vs LCY?

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    As indicated in a separate thread, I am thinking to go to Spain in August, perhaps using up some Avios. On flights to/from Barcelona, another option is of course the flight on the Embraer from LCY.

    But in your experience, is there a difference with the food? It looks more like the flight on the way back will be more convenient, but what are your thoughts? Is there any real difference?

    Also do the LCY flights carry duty free? I was wondering if with it being a smaller plane, there was less space for such items, and indeed maybe even for the catering?


    You are right, the city flyer planes do not offer duty free. However, on the catering front I think it is hard to generalise. For example on a morning flight to FRA, even economy gets a hot cooked breakfast from LCY, with the usual ‘breakfast roll’ out of LHR. On the other hand, in Club, I think they only lad the exact number of meals on LCY flights and I got a really duff one to CPH (BA has since cut CPH off the LCY routes, I am sure no connection though!).

    I can’t speak for BCN flights but the Malaga flights seem to offer as good, if not better service on LCY services as against those to/from LGW – except no duty free!


    You get a better overall experience from LHR/LGW in Business.
    There’s no lounge at LCY and while the Embraers are great little planes, I felt Business Class from LCY a waste of money, whereas from LHR/LGW I did feel a little bit special.

    (Flew business from LCY to CPH, worst breakfast ever. Flew business from LGW to VRN, was provided with champagne. With a very nice breakfast.)


    Honestly, I’d avoid LCY on anything other than short hop business flights.

    LHR or LGW is a much better start for a premium leisure trip; proper shops, better lounges and the embraers, though excellent in many other regards, simply aren’t as spacious as the other fleets.


    I’d avoid flying Club Europe from LCY. There’s no priority in terms of check-in, security or boarding. Once onboard, you sit in exactly the same seats as economy passengers (no extra legroom or seat width). And the food is far worse than from LGW or LHR. But if you’re flying economy, go for it!


    As an LCY regular, I concur. Pre 10.00 departures get hot breakfast in all cabins and there’s little reason to upgrade to Club since the seat, the boarding access and the service is more or less the same.

    Coming back in to LCY on an afternoon or evening flight, it IS worth going for Club, for the benefit of the check-in and lounge at your overseas airport and the fact you do get a “would you like a salad?” (the annoying newly reduced CE offering) mini-meal whereas there’s peanuts down the back.

    Also, if there’s any spare capacity, the vacant seats will be in Club because they shove the curtain further back to keep the Y seats tight.


    Just to clarify on dixonandrewb’s post, there is priority check-in offered at London City airport for Club Europe passengers. In fact, Club Europe have the ‘privilege’ of having their bags tagged for them (whereas Y customers have to do it themselves during BA’s trial!).

    From my experience, I have been consistently underwhelmed by the service from crew based at LCY (that is to say, BA Cityflyer crew) especially in Club Europe; whereas I regularly have excellent experiences in Club Europe ex-LHR, enthusiasm has been rather lacking from CityFlyer crew. That is, of course, a generalisation, however I do think there is some truth to it.


    I have found the ex-LCY service to be very mixed. Sometimes crew are just fantastic, and do amazingly well. Other crew have been beyond lazy and have ruined the whole experience. The food is a serious let own. A recent “English ploughman’s plate” was an insult, whereas on a FRA flight in March we had a choice of two mains and the meal was pretty decent.
    If I were responsible for catering, I would simplify meals offered but always have a choice of main, some cheese, and a pudding that isn’t in a plastic cup. Getting wine with your meal can sometimes be a challenge. Breakfast can be vile. The extended brekkie ex-LHR would be welcomed on LCY as an alternative to the grease-fest currently being served.


    Ive only flown to/from London City and Scotland.. was served quite a palatable breakfast at 10am on a Saturday morning. Virtually a full flight but service completed promptly with a good 20 mins to go before landing. Return was a Monday afternoon flight aircraft pretty empty 24 pax on board so spread over aircraft for trim.

    Lots of legroom on both flights (was the same aircraft) more than in Club Europe it seemed. Great service.. 2 drinks runs and an extra dropped off when the crew noticed that my glass was empty. The thing that would put me off flying Club from LCY is lack of lounge and the fact that you dont get a seat blocked off next to you.

    LH on their E190 to FRA in and the middle seat of the Swiss RJ100 on the bank of 3 blocked off in their Business Class cabins to/from LCY. so for me unless time is of the essence its outbound from LHR/LGW and back into LCY wherever possible.


    Flew the E190 flight in economy to BCN, 34″ legroom, breakfast served with oj and tea/coffee. Cabin crew very helpful. Really like LCY it so simple, grab a coffee at cafe nero, sit by the window watching the planes with free wifi.

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