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    Just picked this story up on BBC with a fairly low level of priority, which is odd.

    Without speculating too much, is it possible this was a bomb being smuggled on, or perhaps already onboard and found by the ground staff?

    The pictures dont show too much damage but must have been some explosion to kill the poor unfortunate cleaner.

    Most troubling.


    Tom Otley

    I’ve contacted the airline for a statement – will post when received.

    Also on the Telegraph


    Tom Otley

    Very few details – hard to think of an explanation other than a bomb, but better not to jump to conclusions.



    It could be an O2 cylinder or similar that let go.

    Very sad for her family.



    The scarcity of accurate information is not comforting either. So far still no confirmation whether it was inside or outside the plane.

    I can imagine dire consequences for Pegasus, esp image & safety related ones, if indeed the explosive device was inside the plane. And lack of photos from the aircraft involved makes you shake your head in wonder.



    Witnesses reporting 3 explosions in total. Fatality actually working on a different plane, shrapnel damage to the terminal itself and 2 other planes damaged a good distance away.

    Curiouser and curiouser. And deeply worrying.

    Whats also strange is how little coverage this is getting in the media, no doubt with the Turkish Govt attempting to smother it.


    Tom Otley

    Still nothing from the government.

    Kurdish rebels claim responsibility for deadly Istanbul airport blast

    Not confirmed.

    Presumably in their statement they explain how killing a cleaner helps their cause.



    Despite the incident not having occurred at Istanbul’s main airport –
    probably not a bad thing that it hasn’t attracted more media attention – given the number of people who will be flying through Turkish Airlines’ hub at IST to get home to Europe from Asia, ME, Africa and US (and vv) for Christmas and NYE.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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