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    Here is a review of our flight from LCY – Dresden as part of our strange holiday in Dresden, Berlin and Sardinia.

    BOARDING: At London city there is no boarding to explain. Hassle free, on time, free wifi that works perfectly and a slightly to small waiting room.

    TAKE OFF: The APU didn’t have enough power to start up all the engines so a ground generator started up the fourth, but it worked, and we got the same take off slot.

    FOOD AND DRINK: I can tell you they served Budweiser, Stella Artois and Hienekan, and a New Zealand savignou blanc, but for quite obvious reasons I cannot tell you what it tasted like. They served ham and cheese sandwiches and egg sandwiches. They also had these ‘pesto fingers’ and Pringles. Everything except alcohol was complimentary.

    The flight: I spent most of the bit in the uk eating. We cruised low giving great views on a clear day, although I actually spent most of the 2 hour flight on my iPad. As we approached the prostrate flats of saxony everything began to get a bit turbelant, however, everyone was in a good spirit as passengers and crew gazed up at the effulgent rays of the sun and the cloudless blue sky.

    LANDING: As we approached the sunniest place on earth the food was collected and the crew announced we were 10 minutes early. The landing was smooth and at Dresden airport, well, it is a carbon copy of London city.

    CONCLUSION: A very normal flight between two very good airports.


    Hello thefirstchild

    Thanks for the check which I enjoyed reading.

    I’ve flown into Dresden (DRS) on several occasions. The first time was shortly after reunification in 1992 when the DRS terminal was little more than a shack. I always remember the road leading up to the terminal was still named Karl Marx Strasse. Now it’s renamed Flughafen Strasse.

    DRS is a good airport on account of its new and spacious terminal. And the fact it’s not busy. But it is not really a carbon copy of LCY because, unlike the latter, it can handle larger and more varied plane types.

    One of DRS’ handful of international routes in the E German era was a regular link to Moscow. And that route continues to this day.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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