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    China Southern Airlines flight 327 was an unforgettable experience. My wife and I were coming back from our honeymoon and in good spirits. We were both looking forward to the ramen we purchased in Thailand. We had to take a taxi and went to various locations to find the brand we wanted. I wanted to be sure not to eat the airline food after seeing my wife breakout in rashes after we landed in the airport in Bangkok.

    During the flight back home, I was harassed by another passenger who sat in front of me and had my dinner stolen from me. The flight attendant disrespected my wife in front of all the other passengers on the plane. We were mistreated on one of the most happiest times of our life.

    The passenger in front of me got out of his seat and gave us the impression that he was going to physically take me down. The flight attendant rushed over and comforted the man and started screaming at my wife on the top of her lungs. My wife was trying to defend me from this crazy man who demanded I show him and the flight attendant respect.

    I did not want things to escalade even bigger because I was worried about my wife’s welfare. I was also concerned with the other passengers on the plane. I am a lot larger than this man and, but I didn’t want to create unnecessary altercation.

    When the flight attendants came rushing in everyone was shouting and yelling at each other. I noticed that the overweight flight attendant lady started screaming only at my wife and told her to SHUT UP repeatedly. She was screaming louder than all of us combined. It was mortifying to see a flight attendant show so much hate and discrimination towards my wife.

    The flight attendants showed little remorse except the korean speaking flight attendant that was not involved in the altercation. She tried to help us by having the disrespectful flight attendant to apologize. Four hours after the altercation, The rude flight attendant came over and gave us a forced apology. A true apology is given with authenticity without excuses.

    I was humiliated and didn’t want to leave my wife alone in her seat. It bothers me that my wife had to go through such a painful experience. I am reminded that a simple flight can ruin the happy memories we collected from our honeymoon.


    What a dreadful experience, I have experienced curt cabin crew bordering on rude and one that quite frankly lied. However this is something quite different, it must have been very distressing to be in that situation. I have seen Chinese melt down before luckily on the ground and I know how totally out of control it can get. I do hope you have written to the airline although I am not sure if you will get any response.


    HI Kandice,

    It is disgraceful what CZ did to you! Try to send a complaint form to SkyTeam, either via their website or Facebook, as they do respond. If you are a member of Skyteam frequent flyer, report the incident to your skyteam home airline, for example, if you have FlyingBlue, contact KLM or Air France just to report it to them. You might get a call from CZ. 🙂

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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