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    Reports in today’s Irish Independent reveal the changes we are likely to see at Aer Lingus.

    They also reveal that the carrier is set to close its current FFP Gold Circle in favour of a new scheme called “Aer Club.”

    Interestingly, Aer Lingus still hasn’t ruled out using Ryanair as a feeder carrier for its transatlantic flights.

    New long-haul routes will be announced shortly.



    The EI CEO makes the ludicrous statement that “Gatwick has 55 departures an hour”.

    When a CEO makes such outrageous comments what else is total rubbish?

    Willie you’ve got the wrong man running Aer Lingus!



    Reports from Ireland indicate that the two new Aer Lingus long-haul routes, to be announced this coming week, will be Los Angles and Hartford CT.

    It therefore means that Ethiopian Airlines will be losing its monopoly on the Dublin-Los Angeles route.



    Openfly, the EI CEO may have been slightly misquoted but Gatwick does have the capability for a maximum of 55 aircraft movements per hour due to its taxiway planning which utilizes runway access.

    Good job he is the CEO, I’m sure Aer Lingus will see much success in the months and years ahead.

    Hartford with a nice $5million subsidy from the state, and LA yes, also Miami is likely to be announced further down the line. Norwegian is also rumored to be planning flights into Hartford from European ports as a means of accessing New York and Boston from a more cost effective airport.



    Amc1234 That is correct. But in the article he specificly states 55 departures an hour!



    It’s now being rumoured that Aer Lingus will announce a third US destination this week in addition to Los Angeles and Hartford CT.

    Could this be Miami ?



    Two very good route choices from Aer Lingus.

    Hartford CT, as previously mentioned, gives great access to New York and Boston, as well as upstate New York which I know the NYC tourist board are beginning to push even more than previously. Also, BDL Airport currently undertaking massive works to bring it up to date/more aesthetically pleasing so this would make sense.

    I’ve been praying for an Aer Lingus to LA flight for a few years now and very glad to be getting it. Hopefully this comes in soon as something I’d be very interested in experiencing.

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