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    APD up by 360%…ouch

    Holidaymakers asked to write to their local MPs about 360% rise in Air Passenger Duty

    Read more:

    The travel industry has issued an appeal asking holidaymakers to write to their local MPs about the ‘unacceptable’ level of Air Passenger Duty (APD) which has risen by 360 per cent in seven years.

    The alliance of more than 30 airlines and tour operators hopes to gather more than 100,000 signatures in opposition to the tax, which is said to deter both UK holidaymakers heading abroad and foreign travellers hoping to visit Britain.

    The cost of APD for a family of four flying to the United States or Egypt is £260, while those heading to the Caribbean are charged £324 and Australia is the most expensive, with taxes reaching £368.

    …coining it in as one would say……..


    A very worthy cause.

    Clicki on this link and then the ‘Email your MP’ tag.


    But only if there is a reduction in fule and other surcharges imposed by carriers including charter operators. If APD is damaging then those surcharges must be just as damaging and by the same factor as the exceed the over APD.

    Trust the daily rag to raise an issue like this at the start of the holiday season. This the same rag that printed an a photo graph of a near empty Concorde flight from LHR to JFK 2 days after the AF crash. They did not mention their reporters and camera crew could not get seats on the return as it was fully booked!

    If there is one publication that should not be trusted in the UK it is that one.


    Binman…Must admit that I have a similar view of the DM and would tend to take what they shout about with a pinch of salt…and…. I have never ever bought the organ so no more publicity

    ADP increases however have been highlighted by other more responsible news agents and I do agree that the shock factors (as above) should be avoided.

    from Aerospace electronics..

    The UK APD is one of the highest air travel taxes in the world. It is calculated on a four-band structure and varies from £13 ($20.63) for an economy-class ticket in Europe to £92 for a ticket to a Band D destination (over 6,000 miles). The amounts are doubled for a ticket in premium economy, business or first class.

    “In every other leading country, aviation is an expanding industry that underpins and facilitates growth in other parts of the economy.

    In the UK, rises of up to 360% in APD in the last seven years are squeezing the life out of the economy. The [UK Civil Aviation Authority] CAA has confirmed that UK passenger numbers last year were the same as in 2004,” the CEOs of the country’s four largest airlines added.
    They argue the “APD must be scrapped.”


    This issue part covered with breakdowns of fare calulations etc…


    Slightly more broad than just talking about APD, but IMHO there is a much more simple and elegant way to manage air taxation, environmental tax (such as ETS) and oil surcharge in one easy elegant solution…..

    Governments previously agreed not to tax aviation fuel (1940’s I think) save creating an environment where aircraft fly round the world just to ‘fill up’.

    Were all countries in the world agree to remove existing taxaiton, and airlines their fuel surcharges, aviation fuel was charged a flat rate of tax, then governments would be allowed to raise revenue, airlines would be incentivised (as if they need it) to fly fuel efficient full aircraft, and we will all have what we want which is a level playing field.

    Airlines can compete on service and price and customers would have complete transparency of cost.

    Incredibly hard of course but is this not what the EU are trying to achieve by their ETS scheme (ie put in on the global agenda).

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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