CCR Elemis Spa – no booking slots 1 month out – is this normal?

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    Hi All,

    My record in trying to get a slot as a gold card holder travelling business was appalling (0 occasions out of about 20 from memory), but I would have thought travelling in first was a ‘shoo in.’

    No good. In fact the agent seems rather surprised that Im surprised that there are no slots – even booking the required 28 days out.

    Should I be hacked off that I need to leave the CCR to go to the Aspire lounge to get my wife a treatment or should I just accept this is the price to pay for travelling BA?


    Completely normal in my experience – even 2 months out isn’t unusual.


    Quite usual I believe.

    I can’t get excited about a 15 minute treatment in an airport lounge. Why not treat your wife to something decent before travelling?


    Why would a 15 min session be booked out so far in advance?

    Is the design of this service defective?

    How is it that Qantas is able to offer a full 30 min proper session, even to those who present on the day?


    Its true, having a free 15 min massage is not going to make or break my day. But it not free, its included in the price. And this is about matching claimed features with the reality. How can BA advertise something as a feature if they can virtually never deliver it. What is their selection criteria because its clearly not first come first serve?

    As it happens Ive booked us into the aspire lounge and my wife a treatment there and Im not planning to visit the CCR at all given the number of poor reviews Ive read recently I think this is a good call.

    Pretty pathetic statement about our national carriers flagship product in my opinion.


    @superchris +1

    BA First is marketed as a top-notch experience and with regards to the spa, this is what is publicised: “Indulge in a luxury facial treatment or relaxing massage from acclaimed British spa and skincare brand Elemis when you fly from London Heathrow Terminals 3 and 5 and New York JFK Terminal 7.”

    Well, if you can never book an appointment at T5, which has always been my experience, it is a classic case of BA not delivering on its promise. In effect, the customer should be offered a small refund for the non-delivery of the Elemis service.

    Yet again, a case of where the marketing hype just does not tally with reality.


    This service is really very poor. I’ve never seen more than two staff on duty at any time, and more often than not they appear to have nothing to do as there are no guests anyway.



    We all know that IAG’s focus is on taking cost out of the business and BA is well known for marketing puffery/hype.

    It either works for you (like Mr Michael or Martyn Sinclair) or not, can’t see much is going to change in the near future.


    @superchris – don’t disagree at all. According to web site pre booking is for F only and 28 days in advance so if you tried 28 days in advance and were unsuccessful it shows what a sham it is.

    They would be better off dropping the whole thing as with the number of premium travellers using T5 it’s pretty obvious the vast majority would be disappointed and likely to comment negatively.

    To be honest I can’t get excited about a 15 min treatment in an airport but I can understand it’s frustrating for those who do. I have seen reviews suggesting the Virgin clubhouse is a better bet.


    The entire spa service is nuts. I have *never* in all my years of flying BA even gotten close to getting a spa booking. T3, T5, T5B, T5 arrivals – nowhere. In fact, I don’t know anyone who’s had a spa treatment. I think it’s a completely mythical service offering, and will think this until proven otherwise…

    By contrast I’ve never waited more than 2 minutes for a spa session on any other airline (TG, NZ, EK come to mind)

    BA should either offer the service properly, or stop offering it altogether and spend the money replacing the showers and cleaning the existing lounges instead…


    Never succeeded. SWMBO not impressed with so-called You First!


    Flew Etihad Business a couple of years ago and they were asking around the lounge asking if anyone wanted treatments as they had several slots free for head/shoulder massages at LHR T4. OK a much smaller operation and something I wasn’t expecting – so a nice little extra before a longish flight. Maybe BA would be better to not sell slots and just have it available on day subject to space when you arrive at Lounge.


    I must be lucky then, as I always seem to find a slot when i ask, and as long as you are flexible, it should be OK. Also if flying from gate T5B, there is a spa service there, which always seems underused. The lavender head and neck is very refreshing.


    Try the B gate spa on the way out, and the arrivals lounge on the way in. I have always walked in and got a slot at these two, while sharing the same experience as many of the spa adjacent to the CCR; near impossibility.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 21 total)
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