Cathay resumes more European flights

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  • stevescoots

    Apparently CX are now almost at break-even. Let’s hope this will make their service a bit more reliable

    But as stated, with the appalling problems created for incoming passengers in the event of a cancellation we will continue to book multiple refundable flights for any return to Hong Kong – and CX’s fares are so high that we haven’t made a single booking with them. Sad…

    Agree with the costs, 6 months ago i was getting around 2500 GBP in J return LHR to SGN, the last one was over 5,000!

    Tom Otley

    I’m sure we all wish Cathay the best. It certainly isn’t having much luck at the moment

    Cathay Pilots Worried About Quarantine Urged to Call In Sick

    The SCMP is reporting that quarantine-free travel to China will start in early December, although admittedly from very small numbers, initially.

    Exclusive | Coronavirus Hong Kong: launch of quarantine-free travel to mainland China ‘brought forward to early December’, but numbers tightly limited


    Cathay Pilots Worried About Quarantine Urged to Call In Sick

    Interesting article, Tom, and completely in line with what we are hearing on the ground. We ourselves are looking at bringing forward my planned retirement, now likely to be next year rather than 2023. If we can’t travel easily, and are forced to spend another Christmas without seeing our beloved Offspring, then the Memsahib and I are going to abandon the place that we love, where we met (albeit both expats), and have called home for almost thirty years. The sad truth is that with all the restrictions, said Offspring will probably not be able to come *home* to move out before we leave, which we know will be very difficult for them. We have friends who have already decided to abandon Fortress Hong Kong, and anecdotally there will be a huge outflux around Easter – which may seem like odd timing but apparently shipping costs over next summer are already so high that families are deciding to leave earlier in the year notwithstanding the disruption to schooling that will result.

    The brain drain has begun, and will continue. Driven not just by Covid restrictions of course, but by all the other things that HK has been through during the last few years, and the utter lack of confidence in the government that has come with all of that.

    I find it all desperately sad. I truly love living in Hong Kong. After I first came here in 1989 as an articled clerk (trainee solicitor in modern parlance) for six months (and met the Memsahib!), and returned to my parents’ home in Kent, I got desperately homesick for Hong Kong. That is how much I love it. But….

    Also, anecdotally, there is a huge building programme going on to expand the quarantine facility at Penny’s Bay, with rumours that in future hotel quarantine will be abandoned and anyone coming in will have to undergo their quarantine at PB. Dear God….

    PS With apologies for going somewhat off-topic above, and continuing to do so, I am very much looking forward to my retirement. I had hoped to continue working until the Offspring were off the payroll, but heigh-ho. Our plan is to move to a small but prosperous British financial centre on a rock in the sea, sharing a land border with a much larger country which desperately wants to regain sovereignty over it. It’ll be just like old times!

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    Ian, thank you for your heart warming account of your time in HK and what it means to you and your loved ones! I feel similarly about my time here in Singapore, which has been a home to me now for 12 years. I have in that time spent elongated periods in the Caribbean and Australia and Phuket but always headed back here because it was a good safe and clean environment to live in. I met my husband here, I love (ed) the food, the ease to live and I thought everything about it!

    It seems that whilst the world was open and pre the covid sh1tstorm the reason we all loved this little island was because we could escape and get off it as often as we could because when you cannot get off the island and you are stuck in the heat of the city state you begin to realise it is not all its cracked up to be, and with now the exodus from Singapore back to Europe, the US and Australia in full swing we all see that whilst it professes to be this idyllic place to live it is indeed so far from that truth and the numbers leaving bare testament to this!

    The inept handling of the “crisis” the almost permanent lock down (not as bad as some parts of Australia or NZ) but this is a smaller more condensed place the “Singapore First Mentality” has made life here untenable for long timers like me. In fact in the last month 14 families who were in our social network have left Singapore for good heading back to their lives elsewhere!

    This won’t stop newbies jumping at the chance of finding themselves here, but as to our plans, I am also bringing forward my retirement, albeit my husband is Singaporean we will be heading to Europe when we can finalise everything here and head to the place that isn’t quite the big country near the rock you mention but a similar size country suitably located where we can live out our retirement closer to the mother ship but certainly not on it!

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