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    Not sure how many other posters on this forum have experienced this issue but I have now had 3 flights in the last couple of months where on arriving at the Cathay checkin desk I have been told that they have ‘changed the operating aircraft’

    Now I know that from time to time operating changes are required but this is almost becoming a frequent occurrence for myself and my work colleagues, so much so that its now a standing joke!.

    On the last trip back from Manila to HKG on Tuesday, having taken the time to check in on line and chose the seats I wanted I suddenly find myself 10 rows further back in the airplane. What added insult to injury was that the checkin agent didn’t actually tell me that the seats had been changed. On asking why I was given the ‘change to aircraft’ comment but not told why.

    Being a Oneworld Emerald FF, I would hope that when operational changes are needed, CX would at least ensure that frequent flyers would be accommodated towards the front (because thats what you can do when you check in on line and that normally works) however my experience the last fews times would seem to suggest that they disregard the FF status and you get ‘dumped’ where they can find a spare seat or two!! Therefore who fills the front rows of the cabin, who knows!

    Anyway on to a serious note, I am now getting more concerned about flying CX, especially for long haul flights where booking upper deck for example is a clear preference and I wouldn’t want to take the risk of being bounced around again.

    So CX, I get you occasionally have to make changes but please put some more thought into how you then move your premium flyers around as this is starting to damage your otherwise good reputation


    Hi everyone !!

    It is really sad, if you expect something which the airline can’t provide or provide properly. I personally think after experiencing such aircraft changes spontaneously–especially with TG– what a dismal … !
    I have learned one thing–don’t fly those airlines or that routes which are often victim of operational changes. CX used C regional seatings for destinations in the Middle East or Australia. I wrote CX a complaint about this–Respond: CX will be implementing the new C long haul seatings in the coming months–so the posssibilities will be better in the futur. That is it !? Honestly the respond did not answer my question, So it means–it is a lottery, if CX will be using an aircraft with new seats or not–depending on the route and demand on that flight on that day.

    You are right Wanula1. It could be only better–if the airlines will inform us of a probable change( if possible at all) and when they do the change–at least consider elite status holder to get a better seat. I still remember my last Y class flight with CX between HKG-TPE–I was given a seat on the back( 4th last row ) in the middle of Chinese travel groups flying to Mainland China via HKG. No priority feeling and definitely no peace at all ! Alright–to be fair, it was a short flight( what a luck indeed !). But a seat in the front would have been better and at least been recognized as an elite( I am only BA Exec Club Gold–and not CX’s own Marco Polo Gold or Diamond holder). So as you can see, there are other who can feel your misery or in a way experience a similar situation.

    Good luck in your next flights with CX !

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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