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    I heard CX pushed out new business class seats a while ago.
    I’m flying from Hong Kong to Vancouver in September,
    I’m still deciding if I should take Economy or Business.

    Since I’ve read many bad reviews on CX’s new business class seating arrangements – how the space is limited and such…

    Has anyone tried the new business seats on CX?


    the seats are rubbish it like traveling in a horse box. Iam a gold card holder with CX and regualarly trave between TPE to LHR but not with Cathay any more since they put in these new buisiness seating.


    You have to check whether they use the aircraft with new business class seats on this route as I have often went on CX long haul flights to encounter an apology at the check-in or lounge – “change of aircraft”!Though I fully agree that it does feels like being in a box but it is flat and comfortable to sleep. If you are to spend long hours working, do recline your seat because when it is fully upright it is most uncomfortable.


    I am an experienced travel advisor and just wanted to share my thoughts too – Cathay Pacific are an exceptional airline, you dont get to world number two status for no reason..! BUT, like many other airlines out there including the likes of Emirates, you will always have the risk of an “aircraft change” and end up dissapointed and let down. My reccomendations for guarenteeing a preferred flat bed product in Business would be Etihad, Qantas, Singapore, BA, Vigin and Air Newzealand. In termsof customer satisfaction for getting what you pay for, you wont be let down!


    Two years ago, I flown before in the CX Business Class herring-bone layout seat from HKG to SFO. After a couple of hours, i felt so ‘boxed-in’ – just wanted to scream “let me out of here!” And this is on the upper deck of a 747 which has less passengers. When i saw the lower decks seats, i cannot imagine ever being there. Upon my return flight LAX-SFO, imagine my relief when i was told that the plane has chaged and had the older business class seats. I could breathe again. I have a stewardess friend in CX, and when i relay it to her, her reply was CX Management has conducted survey and many were satisfied with the new seats, although the stewardess do not fancy the new seats as it makes it awkward for them to serve the meal tray.


    I flew CX (KUL – JFK return) last September on their new business class – I must say, it was quite a painful experience for me. I couldn’t agree more with the numurous reviews that you feel cramped and boxed in your seat. I’m an averaged sized person.

    Flew KUL – HKG (A340-300) last month with the old (long haul) business class seats – they were much better. Also travelled on the 777-300 old (medium haul) business class – you get sense of breathing space.

    In contrast, 2 years back, I flew Singapore Airlines (SIN-JFK-SFO-SIN – combination of 77W and A340) on their new business class – unbeatable. Just returned last week on Malaysia Airlines (KUL-LHR-CDG-KUL – combination of 747 and 772)) – it was pretty reasonable.

    It is very unlikely I’m going with CX to ATL this July. Gonna give BA a try.


    It’s perhaps worthy of note, in response to Travel_Exec’s post above, that Singapore only offer a horizontal flat seat in Business Class on their A380 and 77W-operated services. This is no longer an issue from LHR, but it continues to be an issue from Manchester as well as some other EU hubs. Connections East and South East from Singapore are statistically even less likely to be A380/77W-operated, and indeed may utilise Singapore’s ‘Regional’ product(s), even the latest of which is not flat.

    Similarly, Qantas only have a horizontal product on their A380s. Their other long haul aircraft are fitted with ‘wedgie’ flat seats.

    Air New Zealand are a safe bet on the NZ1/2 and NZ38/39 routes via Los Angeles and Hong Kong respectively, but note that routings through Tokyo (sold in conjunction with Virgin) might find you on a ‘regional’ 767, with a 90s-era business seat which does not even cradle. It will be a recently fitted cabin, but the seat is desperate for an 11 hour-plus AKL-NRT sector. This also applies to some Transpac routings with island stopovers.


    Is there anyone who likes CX’s new seats?

    I have heard several detractors at the office complaining about these new designs.

    While their F is pre-eminent on that route, in Business and Economy Classes they seem to have dropped the ball in the same way Virgin did with the J2000 wedgie bed in Upper Class. Those J2000 shockers were removed from the fleet in a matter of years.


    I fly CX’s F class longhaul regularly and it is terrific. I have taken a good look at the J class and it looks narrow. Having said that, the YVR/HKG flight is a night one and you probably want to sleep ? It is flat but I don’t know what AC’s J class product is like ?

    It is a pity CX’s Director Customer Service appears not to condescend to respond to posts on BT ? He never posted a reply to the threads on the lack of good arrival lounge facilities in LHR ?

    BT – Can you press him to respond please ?

    Tom Otley

    Good evening,

    We’ve had a previous debate on CX business class within the letters page of the Asia-Pacific edition, and we put these on the forum. They can be found here, along with CX’s reponse.

    with regard to the separate thread on lounge facilities, CX has responded twice and we will ask for a further response, though this might be difficult to get until after the weekend now.


    Site Admin – Thank you…..we all appreciate the effort !


    I love the new Business class seating of CX (747-400)
    Yes its considered small if you are a 200 pound passenger or if you are 6feet tall but for petite people and most Asians it is very comfortable, there is also privacy which I love
    I think if you will fly long-haul it is important not only to consider the seat but more importantly the SERVICE the airline will give you from the ground staff up to the cabin crew This is what I value rather than seat type because when you encounter problems thats where you can count on CX ground/cabin crew to readily help you.


    6 feet and 200lbs is not abnormal.

    The seat is claustrophobic and tight for many passengers. Business class is about having a good amount of personal space – and that includes Western-sized passengers.

    Service is good on Cathay, and indeed it *is* one of the best airlines going. But the new business seat is an own goal.

    I rely on the seat for a good night’s sleep, and the quality of the seat never varies. Even CX Cabin Crew and ground staff have bad days.

    My vote is for ensuring that those aspects of my trip which can be guaranteed as unchangeable are of the highest standard.

    CX’s new seat does not meet that criteria.

    Oh, and proper procedures for LHR Arrivals Lounge access so I don’t arrive at the office looking like I was dressed by Gordon Brown.


    I think we all know now–that there is only two choices for this CX C seat:
    ” either you like it or you hate it “—apart from this too narrow and too short pitch for bigger persons–the service and the rest of it onboard are just great. You just learn how to cope with the tight width–reclining a bit helps to minimize the narrowness. When full flat–you enjoy a nice sleep.
    Still one of the best in the industry !

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