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  • Alex

    How religious are check-in staff about ensuring the hand luggage is the right size and weight? I’ve been on some Asian carriers (Vietjet) that were strict on their interpretation but I wondered if Tiger are more relaxed.

    I’m thinking of doing the Airport hotel at Changi and if my luggage gets bumped into the hold then I’ve got a real problem!


    I flew Air Arabia last week for the first time and in all the reservation bumf it stated clearly that only 1 piece of hand luggage was allowed weighing no more than 10kg.

    I was travelling with 2 bags (not plastic!), one very small and the other about twice the size. I knew I would be in a big rush on arrival at Brussels so at check-in I asked politely if I could carry them both on board. They were weighed and the combined weight was under 10kg, and both were labelled Cabin luggage. Thank you!

    It was a busy flight and even though we arrived 10 mins ahead of schedule I missed the last train home and had to spend a not inexpensive night at an airport hotel where I didn’t sleep a wink because I knew I had to get up at 0300.

    Sorry, starting to ramble ?


    To be clear, my post relates specifically to Tiger Airways.


    Hand Baggage, Hand Baggage, Hand Baggage…

    To be clear… you all know the rules about the size and weight restrictions of the airline we are travelling on. If you choose to ignore them, you run the risk of being very disappointed at boarding. It’s as simple as that.

    Many comments have been made here in forums about never being able to find enough room on flights for cabin baggage. And this is why. I know many travellers will say that it’s just a ‘little oversized’, I need it for an important meeting, I’ve got a tight connecting flight etc etc Everyone can justify why the rules may not apply to them at some stage. But just remember, you’re not alone. Are another 180 passengers on the same flight playing the same game?

    Bottom line… cabin baggage restrictions are there for a very good reason. Safety. Yours, mine and everyone else on board.


    Thanks for the lecture… so… anyone any experience with Tiger Airways?

    Tom Otley

    Hopefully someone has… if not, there’s a dedicated forum for Singapore Airlines (and Tiger Airways) here
    And they seem to be flame free…!



    Even if someone has personal experience with Tiger Airways allowing an extra piece, that doesn’t mean, on the day, a particular agent or supervisor will take the same view.

    The only predictable outcome is if you stay within the limit.

    Perhaps you could contact the airline/airprot and ask them if there is a provision to receive your bags at the airport hotel or to collect them and then re-enter airside.

    Otherwise, you have to ask yourself if you feel lucky.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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